15 Best Things To Do in Marathon

Being a small town located in Wisconsin in New York, it has some of the amazing things to offer both to locals as well as tourists. Though it is a small town, yet it has some of the best places where you can hang out with your friends and family and can have a nice vacation out there. With some picture perfect views, one can have loads of fun and tons of pictures to cherish the feeling for quite some time. So, while you are in Marathon, make sure to enjoy your vacation to the fullest and don’t forget to see the best places to visit in Marathon.

Let's explore Marathon points of interest and 15 best things to do in Marathon:

1. Go Snorkelling at Captain Pip’s Marina & Hideaway

For people those who are fond of scuba diving or snorkelling need to visit this place without fail. You can get snorkel trip designed for your full family where you can together have fun and adventure underwater and that too in Sombrero Reef which is the largest barrier reef in the world. The cold water and the beautiful view underwater will surely takeaway your breath and you will never get a view much thrilling that this. 

Admission: Pay for your trips underwater

2. Rowing in the clear blue waters of Florida Keys National Marine Sanctuary

Water sports are famous where you have rivers, beaches, etc. Rowing in Florida Keys National Marine Sanctuary will be of great fun if you know how to row a boat. If not then also it will be loads of fun if you can go out for rowing with your friends. The clear water underneath will allow you to see through and you will get chills with some really fun filled activities. You can also stop by at any of the restaurants and can munch on some delicious snacks. 

Admission: Pay the boat rental charges and go out to your adventure

3. Hiking at Crane Point 

Crane point, Marathon - ImageImage Source: wikimedia.org

Crane point is not only for hiking but for many other activities. It includes a history museum where you can find many interesting things about various creatures and wonders which may fascinate you. Coming to hiking, you can always go there and have the adventure you have always needed. Apart from that, you can also opt for wildlife conservation and can seek some knowledge and information there. It is a perfect place for adventure seekers.

Admission: Charges applied based on activities

4. Play with dolphins at Dolphin Research Centre

Dolphins are cute to look and what will you do if you got to play with them. If you love dolphins then this place is just for you. Head to the research center and play with the friendliest dolphins and have some fun time with those amazing and sweet creatures. Don’t worry about anything because volunteers will be there to take care of you at every single point. The place also has sea lions which are another category of wonderful creatures. ]

Admission: Ticket based entry is done

5. Pose with the Seven Miles Bridge 

Seven Miles Bridge - ImageImage Source: flickr.com

Being a part of many movies like License to Kill, Mission Impossible III, and many more, this bridge gets a lot of attention from the people visiting Marathon. If you have seen the above movies then you will know how beautiful this bridge looks likes and if you get to pose with this awesome bridge then what could be better than that. Not only that, parallel to this bridge you can see is the old Seven Miles Bridge which is now under conservation.

Admission: Admission is free and open to all

6. Visit the Turtles at Turtle Hospital, Marathon

Turtles are silent and sweet creatures and hence if you want to visit them and spend some time with them then make sure to stop by the Turtle Hospital in Marathon. There you can spend some time with them and handle and play with them while creating some great memories while vacationing in Marathon. It is the world’s only stat certified vet hospital for turtles and you can also feed them as well.

Admission: Entry is based on activities

7. Relax at the Sombrero Beach

This beach is the location of the largest barrier reef in the world and is a perfect place for you to relax after a long tiring day. The chilled breeze and the waves with sand everywhere will make your day. There you can go fishing, boating, surfing and other water sports with your friends and family. All you need to do is visit the beach and have some fun time there. You can also play games and snorkel underwater which is another adventure sports to try. 

Admission: Admission is free but activities are paid

8. Stay with the nature at Curry Hammock State Park 

tourist attractions in MarathonImage Source: wikimedia.org

If you are a nature lover and want to be at the lap of nature then this place is perfect for you. With water and nature, you can have some leisure time here with some amazing and fun filled activities available. Other things that you can do are to have some chilling time inside the water and spend some time going through the woods. Camping is done well here in this park with friends and family and there is very little that can go wrong in this park or else you can have lots of fun here. 

Admission: Entry is free for all

9. Encounter the marine life at Florida Keys Aquarium Encounters

If stingrays, giant sharks, iguanas, coral reefs, etc are your fantasies and you really want to see them in person in front of you then this place is where you should go while vacationing at Marathon. Here you can not only see them but you can also go down there swimming with them, surrounded by them. All you need to do is plan the trip well and find some time for this super exciting place where you can conquer your fear of water and underwater. 

Admission: Minimal admission charges to get it

10. Hang in at the Keys Cable Park, Marathon

If you are fond of cutting-edge water sports, then this place is unfishable. While vacationing in Marathon, you must visit this place to have some awesome and fun filled sports to enhance your adrenaline rush. Apart from that, you can also sit back and relax while watching others having the fun and enjoying the vast sea in front of you.

Admission: Admission is free but activities are chargeable

11. Meet the God at San Pablo Catholic Church

It is not always necessary to have some adventure while vacationing. You can also visit this beautiful church and have some heart to heart conversation with the God and ask for peace and calm in your life. You can also look for the interiors and decoration of the church and see how different people have a different way of presenting art and also follow the culture that the church showcases with the medieval look of the church make you feel nostalgic and go straight down to historic times.

Admission: Entry is free and open to all public

12. Go for an awesome showcase at Eaa Air Museum 

Eaa Air Museum in MarathonImage Source: wikimedia.org

With lots of planes made and used, this place showcases some of the most successful and important designs made so far. You will also see a lot of airplane models that are decorated in this museum and can see them and snap with them. There are various interesting things that are showcased in this museum and you can see them and understand how things are done. 

Admission: Ticket based entry is done

13. Stay at Pelican Carefree Rv Resort & Motel

While vacationing in Marathon, you need to stay in one of the best hotels to have some comfortable and relaxed time. You can pick this hotel as your staying option and you can never be uncomfortable with the hospitality and friendly staffs always at your service. There are other things to do in this motel which will keep you engaged on those days when you have no plans to go out. The view of the hotel rooms will take away your breath with waterfronts and pools to keep you entertained. 

Admission: Pay for the services you avail

14. Yachting at Faro Blanco Resort & Yacht Club

Sailing and yachting at the Faro Blanco resort could be a really awesome thing to do. You can book your seat in the yacht or if you have a group then you can book a complete yacht for yourselves and enjoy yachting in the beautiful view of the sea. The waterfront resort with a panoramic view to offer, you can never ask for more from this state of the art resort with fine dining, outdoor activities and many more things to do.

Admission: Admission is free but services are chargeable

15. Watch the sunset at Sunset Park Beach 

Sunset Park BeachImage Source: pixabay.com

Complete your day with a setting sun which spreads its colors all around and make the place go heavenly beautiful. At Sunset Park Beach you can do nothing but stare at the horizon to see the sun going down while making the moment magical. Apart from that, the beautiful water and the warm and will give you a lovely feeling to enjoy.

Admission: Admission is free for all

Once you have planned to vacation in Marathon, make sure that you do not skip any of these places as they will make your trip wonderful and ever remembering.

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Top-Rated Tourist Attractions in Marathon, Florida

Must see places in Marathon ranked on popularity. Here is the complete list of best attractions in Marathon and point of interests to visit.

  1. The Turtle Hospital

    #1 of 192 Things To Do in Marathon
    The Turtle Hospital

    Tags: Observatory, Tourist Center, Nature

    Address: 2396 Overseas Highway, Marathon, FL 33050, United States.

    Timings: 09:00 am - 04:00 pm Details

    There’s only one way to see the famous turtles here. You must take the 90 minute guided tour. It doesn’t sound like much, but the brilliant organisers and managers of this working hos...Read more

  2. Keys Fisheries Bar

    #2 of 192 Things To Do in Marathon
    Keys Fisheries Bar

    Tags: Food And Drinks, Restaurant, Leisure

    Address: Gulfview Ave, Marathon, FL 33050, United States

    Timings: 11:00 am - 09:00 pm Details

    Fritter away your hours with fritters and other Keys seafood specialties at this cute little marina bar that overlooks the bay. The food is all fresh. Make sure to try the Lobster Reuben, West Pink Sh...Read more

  3. Dolphin Research Center

    #3 of 192 Things To Do in Marathon
    Dolphin Research Center

    Tags: Water Body, Waterfront, Water Park, Observatory

    Address: 58901 Overseas Highways, Grassy Key, FL 33050-6019, United States

    Timings: 09:00 am - 04:30 pm Details

    Atlantic bottlenose dolphins and California sea lions – that’s what you’re here to see. And boy can you get up close and personal with these fellas. Every 30 minutes, there’s a...Read more

  4. Seven Mile Bridge

    #4 of 192 Things To Do in Marathon
    Seven Mile Bridge

    Tags: View Point, Scenic Drive, Biking Trail, Bridge

    Address: Seven Mile Bridge, Florida, United States

    Timings: 24-hrs Details

    Oh, this is one of the world’s crazier bridges. It’s basically just this long and beautiful stretch of road between the Keys, a thin razor of a path that makes for absolutely stunning driv...Read more

  5. Crane Point Museum And Nature Center

    #5 of 192 Things To Do in Marathon
    Crane Point Museum And Nature Center

    Tags: Museum, Educational Site, Entertainment

    Address: 5550 Overseas Highway, Marathon, FL 33050, United States

    Timings: 09:00 am - 05:00 pm Details

    This whole place could have turned out quite differently if not for the Florida Keys Land & Sea Trust. People wanted to turn it into a residential area and a shopping mall. Instead, you’ve g...Read more

  6. Pigeon Key

    #6 of 192 Things To Do in Marathon
    Pigeon Key

    Tags: Island, Waterfront, Observatory

    Address: Pigeon Key Foundation & Marine Science Center, P. O. Box 500130, Marathon, FL 33050

    Timings: 24-hrs Details

    This tiny 5-acre island is incredibly historically important. Every building here is listed on the National Register of Historic Places. The island got it’s name from the white-crowned pigeons t...Read more

  7. Florida Keys Aquarium Encounters

    #7 of 192 Things To Do in Marathon
    Florida Keys Aquarium Encounters

    Tags: Water Body, Observatory, Aquarium, Tourist Center

    Address: 11710 Overseas Highways, Marathon, FL 33050, United States

    Timings: 09:00 am - 05:00 pm Details

    So shark, rays, iguanas, a replicated coral reef and other marine goodies are the order of the day. A general admission will get you through all the viewing areas, Q&A with resident marine biologi...Read more

  8. Keys Cable Park

    #8 of 192 Things To Do in Marathon
    Keys Cable Park

    Tags: Waterfront

    Address: 59300 Overseas Highway, Marathon, FL 33050

    Timings: 11:00 am - 06:00 pm Details

    Not quite an attraction, this water sport facility is nevertheless unmissable n your Marathon vacation. Matt, Shania and Mike shared a common passion – to unleash the beauty of the Florida Keys ...Read more

  9. Eaa Air Museum

    #9 of 192 Things To Do in Marathon
    Eaa Air Museum

    Tags: Museum, Educational Site, Specialty Museum

    Address: Marathon Airport, Marathon, FL

    Timings: 10:00 am - 03:00 pm Details

    A lot of little but important things had to happen to help ensure this museum came into being, but it all worked out. For the full story, meet Avery Loucks at the museum. He’s as much an exhibit...Read more

  10. Pelican Carefree Rv Resort & Motel

    #10 of 192 Things To Do in Marathon
    Pelican Carefree Rv Resort & Motel

    Tags: Resort

    Address: 59151 Overseas Hwy, Marathon, FL 33050, USA

    If you are looking for a modest dwelling in Marathon, USA, then Pelican RV Resort & Marina is the ideal accommodation for you. This waterfront resort features an outdoor pool, waterside lounging, ...Read more

  11. Faro Blanco Resort And Yacht Club

    #11 of 192 Things To Do in Marathon
    Faro Blanco Resort And Yacht Club

    Tags: Club, Resort

    Address: 1996 Overseas Hwy, Marathon, FL 33050, USA

    If you are looking for a luxurious accommodation in Marathon, USA, then Faro Blanco Resort and Yacht Club is your best option. The resort has modern rooms and suites that come along with many lavish a...Read more

  12. Sombrero Beach Road

    #12 of 192 Things To Do in Marathon
    Sombrero Beach Road Image

    Address: Sombrero Beach Rd, Marathon, FL 33050, USA

  13. Keys Kayak

    #13 of 192 Things To Do in Marathon
  14. Captain Hook's Marina & Dive Center

    #14 of 192 Things To Do in Marathon
  15. Levy County

    #15 of 192 Things To Do in Marathon

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