Salle Michel Berger

  • Address: 9 Rue des Écoles, 42120 Le Coteau, France
  • Ticket Price: Free

Salle Michel Berger - Review

Salle Michel Berger is in Le Coteau, France. You can explore Salle Michel Berger with this list of things to do in Le Coteau once you have zeroed in on the Salle Michel Berger.

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Travelling by foot is the best way to explore Salle Michel Berger, here is a list of public transport like bus station and railway station to aid you in exploring Salle Michel Berger on foot.

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  • Salle Michel Berger Address: 9 Rue des Écoles, 42120 Le Coteau, France
  • Salle Michel Berger Price: Free
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  • Ecole de musique bien accessible

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