How to Reach Mardin


  • By Air: Mardin’s airport is located close to Kiziltepe, southwest of the city. From there, it is possible to take a minibus (dolmus) to get to the city. The airport is well-connected to Istanbul by Pegasus and Turkish airlines.
  • By Train: Although there is small train station south of the city, it is in disuse. The closest train stations would be at Gaziantep or Batman (really!).
  • By Car: The city is well-connected by highways in all directions.
  • By Hitchhiking: The locals are generous and helpful, which means that you can hitchhike from Urfa to Mardin without problems. It will definitely be an experience of a lifetime!


  • By Minibus: Minibuses nicely connect the newer suburbs with the old city and are a convenient and affordable way to travel within the city.
  • On Foot: The old city can be visited on foot, and the roads are too barrow for vehicles.
Route Distance Time
Siirt to Mardin 144.78 km 2 hours 24 mins
Sanliurfa to Mardin 215.25 km 3 hours 35 mins
Gaziantep to Mardin 372.52 km 6 hours 12 mins
Osmaniye to Mardin 497.73 km 8 hours 17 mins
Adana to Mardin 600.11 km 10 hours 17 mins
Antalya to Mardin 1114.13 km 18 hours 34 mins
Eskisehir to Mardin 1155.34 km 19 hours 15 mins
Termal to Mardin 1317.71 km 21 hours 57 mins
Bursa to Mardin 1322.07 km 22 hours 2 mins
Istanbul to Mardin 1348.3 km 22 hours 28 mins