How to Reach Marsa Alam - The Easiest Way to Reach Marsa Alam


  • By Air: Marsa Alam airport which had been recently opened in 2003 is linked to most of the airports in Egypt. From UK, France, Italy, Netherlands, Russia and other European countries, you can get direct flights till Marsa Alam. From the airport, you can take a taxi till your hotel or resort. From Cairo, Marsa Alam is just an hour’s flight away.
  • By Bus: It takes around 9 to 10 hours to reach Marsa Alam from Cairo through bus.
  • By Taxi: From Luxor, you can easily take taxis to Marsa Alam and they take just 2 hours to reach. From Hurghada, it takes around 4 hours to reach Marsa Alam through taxi.


  • Since it is a small town, the only way to get around Marsa Alam is through taxi or minibus. They are available everywhere. You can also walk down from one point to another.

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How to Reach Marsa Alam from Nearby Cities

Route Distance Time
10th of ramadan city to Marsa Alam 598.45 km 9 hours 58 mins
Cairo to Marsa Alam 615.32 km 10 hours 15 mins
Riyadh to Marsa Alam 1316.53 km 21 hours 56 mins
Istanbul to Marsa Alam 1637.82 km 27 hours 17 mins
Athens to Marsa Alam 1758.11 km 29 hours 18 mins
Dubai to Marsa Alam 2266.25 km 37 hours 46 mins
Jasov√° to Marsa Alam 2908.62 km 48 hours 28 mins
Gleisdorf to Marsa Alam 3058.36 km 50 hours 58 mins
Vienna to Marsa Alam 3084.52 km 51 hours 24 mins