How to Reach Marseille


  • By Plane:  Being an important French city and a popular tourist getaway means that Marseille is very well connected by air to most major cities of the world. Marseille-Provence International Airport is the main airport of the city that is located 30 kilometres from Marseille. The airport is connected to the main city though numerous bus, taxi and shuttle services.
  • By Train: The main train station in the city is Marseille St. Charles. The station is well connected to the rest of the city and runs TGV lines to Paris, Lyon, Nice, Strasbourg, Frankfurt, Geneva and to Brussels.
  • By Bus: Eurolines has many connections all across Europe and it offers direct connects from Marseille to major cities like Barcelona, Prague and Tangier. The bus station is next to the main train station.
  • By Cat: Travelling through car can be an expensive but a practical, comfortable and fast mode of transportation. The city of Marseille is well connected to most of the French cities through numerous highways.
  • By Boat: Marseille is home to a huge harbour and offers direct ferry routes to major destinations like Ajaccio, Bastia, Porto Torres, Porto Vecchio and Propriano.


  • Taxi:  As in any other city in the world, Taxi service in Marseille is expensive and quite bland compared to the many other exciting options to get around. If you do decide to hire a taxi, remember to take care of your belongings and turn a blind eye to the reckless driving that seems to be a way of life in Marseille!
  • Public Transport : Public transport in Marseille is cheap, convenient and well connected. There are two tram lines (a must-do for tourists) and the usual but very welcome network of metro rail and buses. Trams are wheelchair friendly as against many buses and metro stations. There are a range of discount offers available for tourists and locals that make public transport a reasonable and reliable choice for getting around.
  • Hired Vehicles:Marseille has many options (some of them very unique) for hired vehicles. Bicycles: Marseille is a beautiful city to cycle around. Work up an appetite as you cycle around in one of the city’s 1000 rent-a-bikes that can be hired for really cheap. E-Bicycles: Feeling lazy to pedal across town? The Electric bicycle is an excellent way to be independent and mobile in Marseille. Better yet, why not take a guided tour of the city on your E-Bicycle? Sounds fun? It is. Tuk Tuk : A new exotic guest to Marseille, the Tuk Tuk is fast gaining patronage as a fun way to explore the town. It can seat about 3 people and there are guided tours available too. Cars: It makes sense to hire a car when you are a big group and want to explore the outskirts of Marseille on your own. Within Marseille, bear in mind that although parking may not be such an issue because of the dedicated car-parks in the city center, there is a one way traffic rule around the city that might prove cumbersome. Also, Marseille drivers are known to be mischievous and random!
  • Boat : Ferry Boats operate across the Old Port and Town Hall in Marseille. The journey costs about 3 Euros and the ticket can be transferred into a bus pass at The Old Port. A new faster boat service, ’batobus’ that was introduced in 2012 has become a popular choice for locals and tourists alike. Use the Frioul If Express to travel to the near-by islands and beaches. Feeling romantic? Hire a boat exclusively for you and your loved one!