Things to do in Matsumoto

The Best Things To Do in Matsumoto

The second largest city of Nagano prefecture in Japan, Matsumoto boasts of beautiful original castles ever made in the country. Apart from its various cultural attractions, there are many things to do in Matsumoto that will attract the adventure enthusiasts here. This city is also a good base for trips into the Japanese Alps, such as to Kamikochi, Norikura or the Tateyama-Kurobe Alpine Route. Some of the scenic attractions that surround the city are: Lake suwa, Mount Yari, Mount Hotakadake, Mount Yake, Mount Jonen that form an amazing backdrop to its landscape. 

Some of the best tourist attractions in Matsumoto are Matsumoto castle which is Japan’s oldest fortress, Daio Wasabi farm, Japan Ukiyoe museum, and Nagamachi. Another interesting attraction is a European-style Kaichi School that was built in 1876 from contributions from local residents and was in use for almost 90 years. On display inside are photographs, school books and other educational items from the school's long history.

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