How to Reach Medellin


  • By Air: Medellin doesn't have an international airport terminal of its own and the closest international airport is at Rionegro - José María Córdova International Airport. From there you have non-stop international and domestic flights connecting to the major destinations like New York, San Salvador, Panama City, Madrid, Buenos Aires, Bogota, Cali, and Santa Marta. To reach the city from the international airport in Rionegro you have options like shared cabs, and buses and the best way to travel is by getting on one of the buses marked with 'Aeropuerto' on the front. There is also a local domestic airport Olaya Herrera that helps in regional and domestic transports. But the airport operates only between 6am to 6pm.
  • By Bus: If you want to reach the city of Medellin by bus, then you have to either get down at the north terminal or the south terminal. While the north terminal is connected to the Caribe metro station, the south terminal is located closer to the domestic airport Olaya Herrera.
  • By Car: Medellin is well-connected by roads on all its sides and as a result, it can be reached from all the four directions with ease.


  • By Metro: Medellin has 2 Metro lines, 4 Metrocable lines, 1 Electric Streetcar line, and 2 Metroplus Bus line to help you commute within the city. Download the official app of Metro de Medellin to help you with the timings and the other essential information regarding the metro transport.
  • By Bus: Medellin has plenty of bus routes within the city making it a convenient means of transportation. Apart from the regular buses, there are also Turibuses, which covers all the major attractions inside the city for a significantly higher price.
  • By Taxi: Taxis in Medellin are very cheap and helps in traveling between two destinations easier. Regarding the fare, all the taxis in Medellin run on meter and make sure you note the number of the taxi before boarding to ensure safety.
  • By Car: Car rentals in Medellin are easily available and hiring a car can help you explore the city better.
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  • I was trying to get the contact information to the following address apartments... 46 #43-135 San Lorenzo Medellin building... needed the # to contact as well to speak with a representative of the establishment Thank you

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    • I don't think this information is available. You should ask the locals around as they might prove to be of best help. 

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