15 Best Things To Do in Mesopotamia, Saint Vincent And The Grenadines

Mesopotamia is a town in eastern inland Saint Vincent. Saint Vincent and the Grenadines, a tiny little enchanting Caribbean island nation is a place which has been overlooked by tourists for the longest time. Out of the 32 islands that make a part of it, only 9 are inhabited. Although it passed through various stages of colonial status under the British rule, Mesopotamia has now turned out to be a town brimming with and surrounded by scenic places and exciting adventures.

Here's the list of tourist attractions and 15 best things to do in Mesopotamia:

1. Mesopotamia Valley

A visit to this part of the world is incomplete without visiting and appreciating the beauty and abundance of the picturesque Mesopotamia Valley which is often referred to as St Vincent’s breadbasket. Although the roads and route to reach there is not a smooth conventional one, the view at the end compensates for it. Almost every strip of land in Mesopotamia Valley is cultivated irrespective of the slope.

2. La Soufriere Cross Country Trail

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Ever fancied seeing a volcano in real? Well, this is yet another offering of the ever humble Mesopotamia that helps many achieve one of the things on their bucket list. The 9 miles long La Soufriere Cross Country Trail leads you to the top of the magnificent La Soufriere Volcano which is located at 4000 ft from sea level. The difficulty level of the walk is moderate to difficult and takes about two hours uphill from the windward side. The top offers astounding panoramic views of the surrounding land and seascape. We recommend you to carry along lots of water, a walking stick and comfy sneakers for this trail.

3. Montreal Gardens

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Montreal Gardens is home to some of the most exotic vegetation. The unique speciality of this place especially in this age is its lack of commercialization. This as you can say, is the real deal - Widespread landscaped gardens with no souvenir shops to ruin the view and feel of the place. The diversity of the tropical plants and the way in which they are painstakingly arranged to have the right shades and shapes in place often makes visitors wonder if God has himself designed this beauty.

4. Fort Duvernette

Fear missing out on your workout regime during your vacation? Well, worry not since Fort Duvernette is here to that and much more. It was originally built in the 1800s. Some believe that it was created with the intention of safe guarding a chief port of St. Vincent while others suggest that it served the purpose of defending the town of Calliaqua. The way to the top includes a spiral staircase with 200 plus stairs. Happy working out and happy panoramic views to you!

5. Belmont Lookout

Very simply put, Belmont lookout offers a breathtaking view of the countryside below. All you need to do is look out of your car to soak in the beauty of the lush landscape of the Mesopotamia valley, commonly referred to as the breadbasket of St. Vincent. The other side of the view offers a contrasting view but interesting in equal measures. It houses the first prison of the Black Caribbeans.

6. Petit Tabac

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For all you fans of the Pirates of the Caribbean, this is a place you don’t want to miss. Johnny Depp didn’t risk missing it either. Petit Tabac is a beautiful and exotic little inhabited island in the middle of the Caribbean that offers you peace, privacy, lots of sun and white sand. Note: Carry your own rum since all efforts to find the rum stash have been in vain.

7. Mopion

Walk, swim, snorkel - you can do it all here. Mopion is a sand reef located between Union Island and Petit St. Vincent. The tiny hut on the reef with a back drop of turquoise water is a picture perfect dreamy spot to hang out with your old buddies, your loving family or your new love.

8. Vermont Nature Trail

Majestic cliffs, sweeping valleys, lush rainforests – that is how you would awe inspiringly describe Vermont Nature Trail once you visit it. It is in the picturesque Buccament valley within the St. Vincent Parrot Reserve. The trail is well marked and exceptionally well signed with many plaques on the way providing you with relevant information about the place. You may also get a chance to see the famous St. Vincent Parrot in its natural habitat.

9. Saltwhistle Bay

Saltwhistle Bay - ImagePhoto: flickr.com

Saltwhistle Bay is a double crescent of stunning beaches where are split by a narrow palm-tree-fringed strip of land. Visit here to experience the surrounding turquoise water and enjoy a nice sandy frolic in the middle of your activities packed day.

10. Princess Margaret Beach

Princess Margaret Beach derives its name from the princess who was a visit at its shores. You can start your visit to this place by exploring its view, water and marine life that may be visible from the shore itself and then end it by visiting Jack’s bar which is right around the corner. Although you may have to walk a little to reach it, the beach and its tranquil beauty are absolutely worth it.

11. Chatham Bay

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Chatham Bay acts as a famous anchorage for yachties. You can reach there by road, water taxi or of course your own yacht. You can enjoy snorkelling as well as bird fishing at this bay. Union island, the place where Chatham Bay exists grows its own food which is sold at the local market. As they say, Union Island and Chatham Bay have many unhidden secrets waiting to be discovered by you. If you unearth something exciting, let us know too!

12. St. Mary’s Cathedral

Drama, beauty, inspiration – these terms best represent St. Mary’s Cathedral. It is situated on the north river road and is also referred to as the Assumption Cathedral. Its history dates back to 1820s and has a striking architectural mix of different styles which stand as a strong contrast to the rest of the city.

13. Dark View Falls

Dark View Falls, a double waterfall located in Leeward Highway is something you simply can’t afford to miss during your visit to this country. The 2 waterfalls which flow from a tributary of the Richmond river cascade down high cliffs and recombine into natural pools.

14. Public Market

Public Market is one of the most energetic places in the entire town. As much as a part of you make ask you to check out the permanent stalls in the building, we recommend you to ditch that and head straight for the road stalls. Buy the locally sourced fresh produce: fruits, fish, vegetables – you name it, you get it.

15. Old Hegg Turtle Sanctuary

You visit this place to thank the people who are effortlessly working to save hawksbill turtles. Yes, a species which was close to extinction has now been revived by the Old Hegg Turtle Sanctuary. Orton ‘Brother’ King, a former diver gave up diving to rescue hawksbills and has been doing this for over 2 decades.

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