How to Reach Metz


  • By Air: A regional airport between Metz and Nancy serves both the cities. It has local flights from Paris, Lyon, Algiers and other regional destinations in France and Italy. The closest international airport is at Luxembourg, which is about an hour’s drive from Metz. Roissy Charles De Gaulle Airport is also just one and half hour journey by train.
  • By Train: Metz Station has TGV trains running to and from Paris, Luxembourg and Strasbourg.
  • By Car: Metz is connected through the motorway A31 from places like Paris (south) and Nancy (north). From Paris and Luxembourg, take A4 first and then drive towards A31 in order to reach Metz.
  • By Bus: Shuttle buses run services from Frankfurt-Hahn airport to Metz.


  • On Foot: The sightseeing places in the city are in proximity and can be easily accessed on foot.
  • By Bus: The city has bus services from 5:00 am to 9:00 pm in the city suburbs and till 12:00 am at the town centre. They are one of the easiest ways to get around the city.
  • By Car: You can move around the city in cars but avoid it as much as possible if you don’t know the routes in the town centre.
  • By Bicycle: There are bicycle rental stations where you can hire a bike and explore the town.
Route Distance Time
Nancy to Metz 47.22 km 47 mins
Velaine-en-haye to Metz 49.01 km 49 mins
Luxemburg city to Metz 54.61 km 54 mins
Differdange to Metz 54.79 km 54 mins
Dippach to Metz 55.98 km 55 mins
Dillingen to Metz 67.02 km 1 hour 7 mins
Saarwellingen to Metz 74.69 km 1 hour 14 mins
Saarbrücken to Metz 92.25 km 1 hour 32 mins
Ramstein-miesenbach to Metz 157.46 km 2 hours 37 mins
Kaiserslautern to Metz 178.42 km 2 hours 58 mins