Top Places for Art and Cultural Activities in Metz

A trip to Metz cannot be complete without understanding its rich heritage. The art and cultural activities in Metz will give you an insight into the city's history, traditions, and artwork. While visiting the cultural attractions in Metz would prove to be informative, attending its artsy events will leave you entertained. From cultural performances to historical monuments that give you a glimpse of the past, take a look at this list to know Metz better. Include these in attractions in your itinerary for Metz and have a great vacation.

Check the list of top places for art and culture in Metz:

  1. Metz Cathedral

    Religious Site, Architecture , Cathedral

    Metz Cathedral is a Roman Catholic Cathedral which is also famous as Cathedral of Saint Stephen of Metz. The Cathedral has the world’s largest expanse of stained glass and has the classic works by Gothic, Hermann von Munster and his contemporaries. The architecture of Metz Cathedral is magnificent and grandeur. The limestone Church will leave you spellbound with its beauty and the design ...Read more
  2. Place Saint-louis

    Outdoors, Landmark, Square, Architecture

    It is an understatement to say that medieval times are interesting. This town square will transport you to those times. Its architecture is emblematic to the medieval era. It is the largest marketplace of Metz. It is a busy place, always full of activity. The liveliness of Metz is defined by this place. Highlights include: Loads of shops full of variety of items- ranging from household to luxu...Read more
  3. Porte Des Allemands

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    Porte Des Allemands

    Landmark, Bridge, Historical Site, Architecture

    To the east of the city are the fortified city gates called The Doors of The Germans. It was used as a bridge from the 13th century to the 20th century. One of the greatest examples of medieval military architecture, these city gates make you wonder about the troubled times they were built in. The building is imposing and the bridge over the Seilleis an architectural wonder. Highlights include:...Read more
  4. Le Temple Neuf

    Church, Religious Site, Architecture , Cathedral

    Temple Neuf, also called The New Protestant Church is another great religious site in the city of Metz. When compared to the St.Etienne cathedral, this place might seem smaller but it is no less spectacular. The construction of this building began in the year 1901. It was designed by the architect Conrad Wahn, who was responsible for most of the “Germanization” during the post-annex...Read more
  5. Saint Pierre Aux Nonnains Basilica

    Church, Religious Site, Historical Site

    This place has a very happening past, thanks to the time and place it was born in. In 380 AD what started as a gymnasium and Spa for the Romans, was later converted into a Church in the 7th century. But it did not get its nave until the 11th century. Then in the 16th Century, it was converted into a warehouse. And it remained so until the year 1970. Now, after it has been restored, it works as ...Read more
  6. Saint Maximin

    Church, Religious Site, Architecture

    Hidden away from all the other attractions of the city, in a less tourist prone locality, is this catholic church of St.Maximin. Here there is hardly any crowd, maybe because the church does not have a huge size to boast about, as compared to the other local churches. But inside this church is a wonder that your eyes must behold- the stained glass windows designed by the poet Jean Cocteau. The ...Read more
  7. Fort De Queuleu

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    Fort De Queuleu

    Outdoors, Educational Site, Historical Site, Architecture

    Towards the southeast of Metz, near Queuleu, is a fortification. It is a well maintained site. The architecture is a hybrid of old French stylr and modern German style. Construction of it had begun in 1868. But by the first world war, it was obsolete. In the second world war, it was used by the Germans as a detention centre for the members of the French Resistance. Germans made a lot of archite...Read more
  8. Templar's Chapel

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    Templar's Chapel

    Church, Religious Site, Outdoors, Architecture

    Metz is full of places that were built long back but have been well preserved and restored. One of such places is the Templar’s Chapel in the third avenue. Construction began in the 12th century, when theknights templar came to town. Its octagonal shape is an architectural trademark of the templar. The style of architecture is late Romanesque. It’s the only building in the city with...Read more
  9. Sainte-segolene

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    Church, Religious Site, Architecture

    Standing on the St.Croix hill in the old city of Metz is the Sainte-Segolene church. It is a catholic place of worship. There cult of Saint Segolene came to Lorraine as early as the seventh century. But the new building was built in the year 1250. The architecture is of Gothic style. The church has gone through many restorations in the centuries that followed its construction. In spite of that,...Read more
  10. Eglise Saint Livier

    Church, Religious Site, Historical Site, Architecture

    The St.Livier church is a catholic church located in Moselle, Metz. Originally built in the ninth century, this place was partially destroyed when in the 1970s, the authorities demolished the ancient district. Now the building sits beside the intact and newer building of church of St.Clement. Whatever remains of this church is preserved as ruins. Green plants now grow on the walls and ceilings ...Read more
  11. Place D'armes

    Outdoors, Landmark, Entertainment, Square

    The town square of Metz situated between St.Stephen’s Cathedral and the City hall. In the Eighteenth Century, modern architecture was growing along with modern art. The architecture of this place is a product of that revolution. The gothic architecture of the church has influenced this place too. Where there was the parliament before the revolution, now there are shops and houses. Highlig...Read more
  12. Paroisse Saint-maximin

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    Paroisse Saint-maximin

    Church, Religious Site

    Church of St. Maximin of Metz is a Catholic Church which encourages its visitors to enjoy both simple worship service and liturgical worship service. The prime motto of the church is to serve the needy with basic daily requirements and provides love and care. Several services like Baptism, Communion and wedding are offered by the church to the local people to enjoy. It encourages the local peop...Read more
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  14. Temple Neuf De Metz

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    Temple Neuf De Metz Image


  15. Eglise Evangelique Methodiste Image