Best Things To Do in Metz, France

  1. Mojito Bar Cocktails

    4.2 (109 Votes)
    Mojito Bar Cocktails

    Bar, Adults

    If slow, nostalgic conversations is not your thing and you like to make noise instead, Mojito Bar Cocktails is your cup of tea. Or should I say‘your glass of mojito!’ The place is not too big, but the atmosphere is grand. This is a lively place where both the music and the people are loud. If your idea of nightlife is blaring music and reckless drinking, Mojito bar Cocktails might b...Read more
  2. Plan D'eau De Metz

    Outdoors, Garden, Park, Lake

    A beautiful park along with a lake is a perfect refuge on a day you have decided to relax. This is the largest green space in the middle of the city. The lake is man-made and the grassy meadows, well maintained. You can reach this place by walking alongside the river Moselle. The views are charming and if the weather is right, you might want to sit down and not get up very soon. There are enoug...Read more
  3. Eglise De Sillegny
    In a small town of Sillegny, Moselle is this church parish that is quite unique. The entire building is covered with 15th and 16th century frescoes! In its past, this place was a huge fortified structure that used to protect people in the troubled times. The architecture is gothic and has been kept intact through all the restorations the building has gone through. Highlights include: Religious...Read more
  4. Fort De Queuleu

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    Fort De Queuleu

    Outdoors, Educational Site, Historical Site, Architecture

    Towards the southeast of Metz, near Queuleu, is a fortification. It is a well maintained site. The architecture is a hybrid of old French stylr and modern German style. Construction of it had begun in 1868. But by the first world war, it was obsolete. In the second world war, it was used by the Germans as a detention centre for the members of the French Resistance. Germans made a lot of archite...Read more
  5. Templar's Chapel

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    Templar's Chapel

    Church, Religious Site, Outdoors, Architecture

    Metz is full of places that were built long back but have been well preserved and restored. One of such places is the Templar’s Chapel in the third avenue. Construction began in the 12th century, when theknights templar came to town. Its octagonal shape is an architectural trademark of the templar. The style of architecture is late Romanesque. It’s the only building in the city with...Read more
  6. Chateau De Pange

    Outdoors, River

    In the town of Pange, very near to the city of Metz is a mansion that is huge. The architecture is detailed and the size, intimidating. Built on the banks of river Naid,this mansion is a spectacle for the way it still stands strong and well-maintained. It was built in the year 1720, in place of an older fortress. The Pange family still resides inside the mansion. Highlights include: Busts, pai...Read more
  7. Battlefields Of 1870

    Museum, Educational Site, War Memorial, Specialty Museum

    The history of a place is defined by the turmoil it has gone through. This museum in Metz tells the story of Prussia’s victory over France in the siege of 1870. French soldiers fought against a Prussian troop of 150000 soldiers. But they had to surrender due to starvation and the evident loss they were about to face. They were seriously outnumbered. This museum has paintings, sculptures, ...Read more
  8. Centre Europeen Robert Schuman Maison De L Europe

    Educational Site, War Memorial

    If you are a History student, then this place is a must for you. ‘Centre Europeen Robert Schuman Maison de l'Europe’ is a the Statesman Robert Schuman’s old mansion that has now been turned into a museum. The man had played a huge role in peacekeeping between all the European countries post World War-2. Feelings of Patriotism are bound to be aroused in this grandly done themat...Read more
  9. Sainte-segolene

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    Church, Religious Site, Architecture

    Standing on the St.Croix hill in the old city of Metz is the Sainte-Segolene church. It is a catholic place of worship. There cult of Saint Segolene came to Lorraine as early as the seventh century. But the new building was built in the year 1250. The architecture is of Gothic style. The church has gone through many restorations in the centuries that followed its construction. In spite of that,...Read more
  10. Musee Du Sel


    The museum of Marshal is in Moselle, Metz. It is a unique place. What it stands for might seem trivial but in reality, this place will explain to you the importance of the manufacturing and trading of ‘white gold’- salt. The museum spans the history of salt production techniques from the prehistoric to the modern era. And not only is the museum informative, its architecture is also ...Read more
  11. Eglise Saint Livier

    Church, Religious Site, Historical Site, Architecture

    The St.Livier church is a catholic church located in Moselle, Metz. Originally built in the ninth century, this place was partially destroyed when in the 1970s, the authorities demolished the ancient district. Now the building sits beside the intact and newer building of church of St.Clement. Whatever remains of this church is preserved as ruins. Green plants now grow on the walls and ceilings ...Read more
  12. Circuit Des Remparts

    Outdoors, Landmark, Walking Area

    To the south east of Metz is a walking trail. Spread over a distance of more than 4 kilometers, this trail will take you through the parts of Metz you need to visit if you wish to understand the place. Old structures that have defended the city, now sit proudly, well maintained and well restored. There is scenery that you will get to admire and there is solitude that you will be presented with....Read more
  13. Place D'armes

    Outdoors, Landmark, Entertainment, Square

    The town square of Metz situated between St.Stephen’s Cathedral and the City hall. In the Eighteenth Century, modern architecture was growing along with modern art. The architecture of this place is a product of that revolution. The gothic architecture of the church has influenced this place too. Where there was the parliament before the revolution, now there are shops and houses. Highlig...Read more
  14. The Botanic Garden

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    The Botanic Garden

    Botanical Garden, Nature

    This botanical garden is situated right in the heart of the city, not far away from river Moselle. Stretched over a 10 acre land, this place originally belonged to the estate of Philliped’Aubertin of Bioville and was then called the Frescatelly park. It was bought over by the city of Metz in 1866. The man’s quarters are now the office of the Parks Department of Metz. The architectur...Read more
  15. Frac Lorraine

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    Frac Lorraine

    Art Museum

    Metz is the capital of the Lorraine region. Lorraine region has its own peculiar style when it comes to art. Being the capital, Metz is the obvious where this kind of art is displayed. And FRAC Lorraine is where the exhibition is. The Regional Contemporary Art Fund of Lorraine is what the FRAC stands for. Built in the year 1984, this place was the result of the decentralization policy of the go...Read more