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Welcome to the page of Ithaca South Beach Hotel. This is a place of interest in the city of Miami Beach in United States. Missed by most of the visitors, Ithaca South Beach Hotel is unique in its own way.

Home to bountiful attractions like Britto Central, there are many things to do in Miami Beach that you can explore on your visit.

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  • I was here at this hotel a month ago. These people are extremely strict. They watch every move you make. You have no privacy here. Cameras are everywhere. I had my sister over visiting me who lives in Miami and the manager at Ithaca claims my sister stayed over. She came to help me with my luggage after 10pm. They made me pay $100 saying i had more than 2 people staying in their room. You cant have visitors after 10pm. Also I needed a towel. The towels were near my room. I grabbed one to use. They called my room immediately and said we are stealing towels. although the room was clean and small. I am sure i could have found another hotel that didn't harrass me like this one and wasn't so strict. I could have enjoyed myself better as a visitor to Miami. I would never stay here again when i am in Miami.

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  • I have to say that this place is very wonderful. The staff is great and the location even better. The breakfast isn't extravagant but it provides healthy essentials that will definitely jump start your day. They allowed us to check in early so we were able to enjoy the beach and the sites. I give it 5 stars because I didn't have 1 bad experience.... Yet, I'm leaving at 11 so we'll see.

  • Luxury hotel in affordable rate... awesome service... loved the room... i highly recommended this place if you are newlyweds and here for long time..

  • We arrived on May 4,2017 around 3pm we had a party of 5 people. We were traveling from New Orleans,La for a vacation to enjoy for the first time. However upon arrival the front desk clerk Lilly greeted us in the waitin area and told us all the rules while staying at the Bouquet. Being that we had 5 people staying she claimed she had to let her manager know and it wouldn't be a problem. However they charged us 20$ per night for the extra person which was fine with us. In the room the refrigerator didn't work which it wasn't a big issue also being that she said she would call the maintenance man to take care of it in the morning. No one never came. On our 3rd day staying there we left for a while to enjoy the city while the other staff Daniel was on shift he was a great worker who didn't give us any problems when I asked him for a iron he was very helpful and gave me a ironing board also. Around 5pm after enjoying our day out Lilly (the other night staff approached us and told us she had something to discuss with us. Upon talking to her she claimed the morning staff had told her we was smoking marijuana in the room so she unauthorized charged my sister's card without contacting her. Which is illegal. And we was not smoking marijuana however we have one smoker who have always smoked his cigarettes on the balcony. We tried explaining that we went to clubs where marijuana was smoked along with cigarettes and may have been in our clothing. She called her manager who was also unprofessional while talking to my sister the paying customer. She claimed they had pics but couldn't prove it at all. Lilly lied on Daniel because her manager told us she was the one who called her. So the front desk clerk Lilly got caught in her own lie. I guess because we was black we got accused of false allegations. But we left because the whole staff was unprofessional from Lilly the front desk agent to the manager. Daniel was great. I hope don't no one ever go through this because of the color of your skin just because we are black we all don't smoke marijuana. My sister is a district manager who is very successful in corporate America. By the way we had to raise hell to get her money back.

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  • Nice hotel rooms for the price you pay; there is a lot of space and the breakfast service was decent. However, we wouldn't stay here again because of our awful experience with the valet service and the unfriendly, unhelpful customer service from the hotel owners. The valet is £30 a night and when we got our car back, everything left in it has been moved around and our iPod and iPod lead had been stolen!! Also, there was massive scratch left on our car which no one of the valet service told us about, so when we found out it was too late. The reason we're giving this such a low rating is when we complained to the hotel about our damaged car and our irreplaceable stolen valuables, they said that it wasn't there problem as it wasn't there valet company, and they weren't going to help us. When we asked for the name of the valet company, they said that THEY DIDNT KNOW. This was extremely poor. Surely you'd know the name of the valet service you were in buisness with? They weren't helpful at all, so weren't the nicest of people, therefore we give the hotels and valet service a 1 star. Also, there is barely anyone on the desk for the entrance in the lobby, which was extremely unhelpful when we needed assistance during our stay. It was the worst place we stayed during our holiday (we stayed in a total of 12 hotels during our visit to the US). If you do stay there, make sure you don't valet!!!

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