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The minute you land here, Miami sucks you in with its Caribbean charm, its laid back yet stylish demeanour and childish eccentricity. There’s peachy skin and picture perfect bodies all around you that make you feel like you are in a sepia-toned page right out of Vogue or from any celebrity filled magazine!

Life in Miami is a celebration of sun, sweat and sand. From the classy backyards of Fort Lauderdale club to the rustic neighborhoods of North Miami; Miami’s strengths lie in its imperfections. A city with an iconic wit and insatiable appetite for party, Miami will spoil you for choice when it comes to beach-lined bars and cafes.

Miami tourism is about letting your hair down, soaking the sun and choosing the Miami that is right for you. The one with splashy art galleries and swanky clubs or the one with laid back bars and cozy restaurants? You will probably need many trips to Miami to fully uncover her many layers.

So pout and pose at South beach or head to the recently re-opened Fontainebleau for some guiltless indulgences, your days in Miami are sure to get by in a blink. Legendary nightlife, warm sunny days and a subtle Cuban attitude await you at Miami. It is not wrong to say that Miami is the most loved and in a way the super star of Florida!

And if that is just not enough, try your luck with the Everglades alligators or revel in the company of beautiful birds at the Parrot Jungle island. Miami will exhaust you, then pick you up and throw you in its moronic, colourful and spectacular scenes till you are head over heels in love with this fantabulous landscape. Miami basically calls out to you to rejuvenate in a completely unconventional manner, if you are looking for that kind of a thing, literally no strings attached! Each one of you should visit Miami at least once and experience all that it has to offer considering the best time to visit Miami.

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