Events and Festivals in Minorca

  • Carnival: The Minorca Carnival is something the locals as well as the tourists look forward to. Taking place at the end of February, the whole island comes together and has a huge party of the streets. Lively Music, Colourful costumes and stunning floats sum up the carnival.
  • Festival of Saint John: The festival of Saint John is a three day festival celebrated in Cuitadella. Day one sees a man donning the costume of a sheep. There are also bonfires taking place on the streets. Day two sees parades and dolled up horses on the streets of the town. Day three is a lively one where a fireworks show is put up for the denizens.
  • Mare de Deus: This is fun, vibrant and a major event in Minorca. Taking place in mid September, the main features of this festival are parades, dolled horses and fireworks displays.

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