How to Reach Minsk


  • By Air: National Airport Minsk connects the city with global destinations like most of the European capital cities along with the major cities in Russia and Ukraine. Bus number 300 connects the airport to the Centralny Bus Terminal next to the main railway station in Minsk. There is a train service operating five times a day from the airport to the main town. This is one of the fastest ways to commute between the two. You can opt for a pre-booked Autotransfer ride which is both cheap and completely reliable for tourists.
  • By Rail: Trains from Warsaw, Kiev, Vilnius, Moscow and Brest arrive almost daily in the main railway station in Minsk. Trains from Poland often take time due to the track difference. Vilnius is the best option if you are coming to Minsk via train as this city is quite close.
  • By Road: There are bus services from Vilnius to Minsk central bus station. You can drive into the city but be ready to spend a considerable amount of time at the Belarusian border. A thorough check can take up to 3 hours to finish. It helps if you know a bit of Russian, Belarusian or Polish.


  • By Bus, Trolleybus, Tram: Direct connections to various parts of the cities are available but their frequencies can be quite long.
  • By Metro: The Minsk metro has only two lines that connect the various parts of the city with each other. There is a two-minute gap between trains during rush hours. At other times of the day, the gap can go up to 5-10 minutes. The services operate from 5:30am to 1:00am.
  • By Car: There are several car rental companies in Minsk that offer you good deals for rentals. Driving around town is the best way to see Minsk.

Know about the preferred mode of transport, average time spent and average distance traveled for commute in Minsk. The most preferred mode of transport in Minsk is Car.

Average distance: 11.79 km Average time: 31.02 min

  • Car 68.25%
    Driving 20.23 min Walking 2.23 min Overall average time for 12.37 kms 22.47 min
  • Bus/Trolleybus 12.7%
    Bus 23.38 min Waiting 9.38 min Walking 6.5 min Train 5.5 min Overall average time for 7.66 kms 44.75 min
  • Walking 12.7%
    Walking 34.13 min Driving 15.63 min Train 4.13 min Waiting 1.88 min Bus 1.25 min Other 0.38 min Overall average time for 13.6 kms 57.38 min
  • Train/Metro 4.76%
    Train 25 min Walking 9.33 min Waiting 7.33 min Bus 5 min Overall average time for 9.67 kms 46.67 min
Route Distance Time
Vilnius to Minsk 265.28 km 4 hours 25 mins
Vitebsk to Minsk 315.1 km 5 hours 15 mins
Riga to Minsk 489.41 km 8 hours 9 mins
Helsinki to Minsk 689.18 km 11 hours 29 mins
Rzeszów to Minsk 730.71 km 12 hours 10 mins
Warsaw to Minsk 747.35 km 12 hours 27 mins
Moscow to Minsk 1130.81 km 18 hours 50 mins
Fryazino to Minsk 1180.58 km 19 hours 40 mins
Wroclaw to Minsk 1204.93 km 20 hours 4 mins
Belgrade to Minsk 1216.44 km 20 hours 16 mins
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