Best Things To Do in Minsk, Belarus

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Minsk is a city soaked in culture. There are a vast number of museums and art galleries that proudly display the evolution of Minsk. However, Minsk is not just about the past. The Belarusian capital is one lively place to be. There are parks spanning several acres that have been witness to some of the spectacular events that shaped up the existence of Belarus. One of the best kept secrets about Minsk is its glittering nightlife. Quite contrary to its grim past, the party scene is buzzing till the early hours of morning.

Locals often spend their evenings by one of the many squares in the city. The places that denote the cultural scene of Minsk is one of the many churches and state buildings of the city. Independence Square is a prominent landmark in the city from where you can easily access tourist spots like the Mastatstva Art Gallery, GUM Shopping Center, the Belarusian State Circus and the National Library. Freedom Square, a former marketplace, is now a thriving city centre.

Do not forget to pay a visit to the Pobeditelei Avenue near the Trinity Suburb. Several of the city’s most popular tourist destinations are lined along this avenue. Some of these are the Great Patriotic War Museum, Victory Park, State Flag Square and the Indoor Football Center.

Minsk is full of museums that deal with the various aspects of Belarusian history. A majority of these are dedicated to the arts like painting and cinema etc. Quirkier options like museums for boulders, music and carriages are also found here. The collections here are quite mesmerising and visitors often end up spending hours checking out the objects on display.

Belarusians are an extremely cheerful lot and this can be understood by the number of circuses located all around town. The Minsk Circus is home of the comedies, humorous theatres and performances, and of course, the circuses. The building is adorned with amusing sculptures and you should check them out to brighten your day.

The pre-war lifestyle of Minsk is best seen at Trinity Hill. Situated on the banks of the Svislach river, this area is home to cafes, restaurants and shops selling daily goods. There is a memorial known as the Island of Tears that brings back memories of the Afghan war. Some of the best churches in Minsk are near the Pl Svabody square. To its north-east is the Orthodox Cathedral of Holy Spirit, formerly known as the Bernadine Monastery. This is one of the oldest areas in town. The Bernadine Church houses city archives today.

  • Fun things to do in Minsk: The city houses a huge variety of restaurants that deal with the various cuisines of the world. Step into any one of these to check out the quirky ambience and the lively party scene. Minsk is very active in the sports sces and is home to around 3600 sport centres. These include stadiums, pools, exercise rooms, skating rinks, tennis courts etc. A ride in the Ferris Wheel in Gorky Park will show you a complete view of Minsk from the top. Check out the Museum of Beer attached to the Alivaria Brewery.
  • Things to do in Minsk in winter: Check out a performance at the Opera and Ballet Theatre. Most of the shows are hardly expensive and the performances are worth a watch. The plentiful snowfall beckons skiing enthusiasts to the mountains located around 35 kilometres away from the city. This is also the season of ice diving and winter fishing. If you want to keep warm, pay a visit to one of the Russian baths in the city. These banyas offer a traditional steam sauna where you can spend some time relaxing and warming yourself. And of course, the Christmas season brings a festive charm to this vibrant city. There are parties that last all day and most eateries remain open all night.
  • Things to do in Minsk at night: Minsk stays active throughout the night thanks to all the pubs in town. You will find many of these concentrated near the Octyabr’skaya and Zybickaya streets. Fix a night and go pub-hopping. Try out your luck in one of the casinos in town. There are some joints in town that often play live music for the townsfolk.

Below we have a list of things to do in Minsk and the places where you want to spend the best moments of your trip. At the same time, the city offers you the best neighborhoods to explore and new foods to try.

This list should help you in deciding and prioritizing what you should plan on your Minsk getaway. Find a mix of must-see tourist spots, underrated local hangouts, and maybe even a few new experiences you can try out.

Make the most of your trip to Minsk with confidence.

Tourist Attractions in Minsk

Here is the list of things to do in Minsk and tourist attractions in city.

  1. Red Church

    4.8 (369 Votes)
    Red Church

    Church, Religious Site, Cathedral

    Built sometime between 1905 and 1910, the Church of Saints Simon and Helena is a representation of the confluence of two different architectural styles in Belarus. The red brick structure is one of the most prominent landmarks in Minsk. Currently under the protection of the government, this church was built by Edward Vaynilovicha Adamovich after the premature death of his children. This buildin...Read more
  2. Great Patriotic War Museum

    4.8 (194 Votes)
    Great Patriotic War Museum

    History Museum, War Memorial

    The Great Patriotic War Museum is a tribute to the German-Soviet war that sprung up after the end of the Nazi occupation. The museum was opened almost immediately after Minsk was liberated from the Nazis. This was the first museum to open during the war which it represented. Displays are divided among the 24 exhibition halls in the building. The main display sections the Battles in the Westerly...Read more
  3. Island Of Tears

    Monument, Statue

    This is a memorial for the soldiers who sacrificed their lives in the Soviet war with Afghanistan. The war lasted for nine years and the Soviets eventually lost. Hundreds of soldiers died in the skirmishes and this monument seeks to commemorate them. It is located on an island created in the Svislach river. The main structure here is shaped like a chapel and is open on all sides. Surrounding th...Read more
  4. Victory Square

    Walking Area, Square

    Somewhat in the middle of Minsk is the Victory Square monument that pays tribute to the veterans of the Second World War. The 40-metre obelisk was erected in an area that was previously known as Victory Circus. At the base of this monument are four scenes that depict the Victory Day on May 9, the Partisans of Belarus, glory to the fallen heroes and the Soviet Army during the war. The top of the...Read more
  5. Holy Spirit Cathedral

    4.7 (396 Votes)
    Holy Spirit Cathedral

    Church, Religious Site, Cathedral

    Originally built in the 1600s, the present structure of the Holy Spirit Cathedral is a renovated design that was created sometime in the 19th century. The building initially served as a Catholic Bernardine monastery. The church was closed at the beginning of the 20th century but was in use during the Second World War. One of the major relics that draws visitors to this church is the wonder-maki...Read more
  6. National Library Of Belarus

    4.5 (173 Votes)
    National Library Of Belarus


    Belarusians love to read and one look at their National Library will tell visitors how passionate the countrymen are about publications. The swanky library is like none other in the world. Its shape is like that of a Belarusian diamond that is said to combine both functionality and modernity. The library is actively used by citizens. Besides the collection of books, there is a Book Museum that ...Read more
  7. Independence Square

    4.6 (334 Votes)
    Independence Square

    Landmark, Walking Area, Square

    Designed by Iosif Langbard, the Independence Square is one of the biggest squares in Europe and a prominent landmark of Minsk. The square is just one part of the larger Independence Avenue that includes the Victory and October Squares, the National Library and Masherov Avenue, among other complexes. Independence Square served as a main ceremonial venue during the Soviet area. Citizens would oft...Read more
  8. Bolshoi Theatre

    4.8 (221 Votes)
    Bolshoi Theatre

    Entertainment, Performance, Theatre, Opera House

    One of the landmarks of Minsk’s cultural heritage is the National Opera and Ballet Theatre. Opened in 1933, the theatre was divided to address the arts of opera and ballet a few decades ago. The building is inspired from the Roman amphitheatres which served as the premiere stage of the world. A lot of the performances here are organised by the National Academic Bolshoi Opera and Ballet Th...Read more
  9. Aquapark Lebyazhiy

    4.6 (94 Votes)
    Aquapark Lebyazhiy

    Amusement Park, Water Park, Entertainment, Theatre

    Looking to spend a fun day in Minsk? Head to the Lebyazhiy water park. Located in the middle of the city near the Svislach river, the amusement park is a haven for young kids and adults alike. There are more than ten different types of slides and an aqua zone that will drench you with joy. The slides include water hills, splash pads, a slow river and even several fountains to maximise fun. Get ...Read more
  10. Victory Park

    4.7 (194 Votes)
    Victory Park

    Park, Wildlife Park, Lake, Fountain

    Victory park is situated on the banks of the Komsomolyskoye Lake near the Great Patriotic War Museum. This is the largest park in Minsk. It derives its name from the victory achieved by the Soviets over the Nazis in the Second World War. The park occupies around 200 hectares and the lake takes up 40 hectares from it. The lake has a specially-created beach for relaxing and playing in the waters....Read more
  11. Minsk Gates

    Landmark, Historical Site, Tower, Architecture

    Minsk’s central railway station is in the area that was formerly considered to be out of town. The town’s boundaries ended just a few metres away from the railway station, what is today known as the Minsk Gates. The gates are two 11-storey towers, on the corners of five-floor apartments, that were built in 1953 under the reconstruction plan. The buildings follow the construction nor...Read more
  12. Belarusian National History And Culture Museum Image

    History Museum

    Minsk Historical Museum is a spread out in a number of buildings of historic importance. These buildings are the Minsk City Hall, Mihaila Savitskogo Art Gallery, Municipal Art gallery of L.D. Schemelova, Workshop-Museum Ivana Misko, Living Art, Archaeological Museum, Karetnaya Exposition, and Lohitsa Estate Museum. The collections owned by this museum are divided amongst the eight locations. Ma...Read more
  13. Central Botanical Garden

    4.7 (132 Votes)
    Central Botanical Garden

    Botanical Garden

    The Central Botanical Garden in Minsk is home to a wide range of plants and rare species of herbs. The garden was founded in 1932 but has gained fame quite recently. The National Academy of Sciences has introduced species of plants like maple, silver birch, spruce, rowan etc. that have thrived in the atmosphere of Minsk. The plants in the garden have been categorised into the geographical secto...Read more
  14. Chelyuskinites Park

    3.9 (127 Votes)
    Chelyuskinites Park

    Amusement Park, Waterfront, Park, Entertainment

    The Chelyuskinites Park could easily be one of the oldest amusement parks in the world. This park was built in 1922 and has not seen many changes since its initial days. There are around 22 thousand trees in this park., making it one of the biggest urban forest parks in Minsk. Under this tree cover lies the famous amusement park. Rides like the Ferris Wheel and Russian Swing are immensely popul...Read more
  15. Minsk-Arena Complex

    4.6 (103 Votes)
    Minsk-Arena Complex

    Arena, Concert

    Belarusians are pretty serious about their sports, confirm many visitors after a glance at the Minsk-Arena Complex. The area has world class amenities for playing sports like tennis, hockey, skating, gymnastics, boxing, etc. Not just sports tournaments, the venue has been used for musical concerts as well. All in all, the arena can house around 20 thousand people at a time. These factors have c...Read more