15 Best Things To Do in Miri, Malaysia

Malaysia is described as “Truly Asia” in their tourism campaigns for a reason. They say if you travel to Malaysia, you land in a melting pot of cultures of the entire Asian continent and this is because Malaysia has always been very liberal to adapting all kinds of culture and religious beliefs. 

Miri, a city in Malaysia is on Sarawak`s northeastern coast and on the island of Borneo. The city has a very tourist friendly and laid-back vibe thanks to its beautiful beaches. Miri, the resort city is mostly popular as an ecotourism destination in Malaysia. The Borneo Jazz Festival happens in Miri every year in which jazz music lovers throng. Given below is a list of 15 best things to do in Miri, Malaysia. This Miri travel blog will sort your travel itinerary headaches for sure.

1. Pay a visit to The Grand Old Lady of Miri:

This is one of the famous landmarks in Miri that is age old and holds historic significance. Miri is an oil rich city and its first oil contraption marks this historic landmark. Located in Canada hill, a short drive of about fifteen minutes will take you to this place.

2. Petroleum Science Museum:

This is for the geeky tourists who love to gather as much information about their travel destination as possible. It is located near the grand old lady and its hill-top location will give you a bird`s eye view of the city of Miri with the backdrop of the sea. This location demands for some amazing photography of the landscape of Miri.

3. Bag some local artifacts in Miri Handicraft Market:

This market showcases Miri`s artistic handicrafts that is made locally by its talented artisans (Kelabit, Penan and Orang Ulu people). People who love shopping ethnic stuff can go all out in his market. It is a small market of round 10-12 shops that does not demand much of your time to scan.

4. Get the unique e-mart supermarket experience:

Located close to Brunei border, this supermarket is one of the most popular shopping and eatery destination among the locals. This place has a variety of things to purchase. The local food stalls here will give you the authentic Miri cuisine. This is place is the answer to that question ‘what to eat in Miri?!’ 

5. Miri Smokehouse beckons all the pork lovers:

Move aside posh pubs and restaurants, this roadside smokehouse stall is known to serve the best roast pork and beer in Miri. 

Do not miss the sunset at this Miri beach: Brighton beach is one of the most popular beaches of Miri to catch a picturesque sunset, when in Miri. Just taking a stroll down this clean beach or just laying down to relax, Brighton beach will not disappoint the water-babies.

smokehouse-imageimage source: wikimedia.org

6. Miri Sky Bar:

This bar is at the Meritz hotel and is a fancy place that offers a great view. If you drop by at this place during sunset, it will guarantee you some good food, cocktails and a wonderfully relaxing sunset view. 

7. Experience the glow of bioluminescent algae of Tusan beach:

Just half an hour away from the center of the Miri city, the Tusan beach Miri will give you the unique sight of bioluminescent glowing waters at night. The algae called ‘Dino flagellate’ that is dwelling in the sea water when disturbed by the waves, produce this magical glow at night. Surrounded by cliffs, this beach is picturesque even during the day.

8. Get up, close and personal with the crocodiles in this crocodile farm in Miri:

A 30 mins drive from Miri will take you to Kuala Baram, where the crocodile farm is situated. There is also a mini zoo attached to the crocodile farm. This would be a perfect spot to take a family with kids. Almost every city in Malaysia has a crocodile park and Miri is no exception. Be sure to check for the feeding time of the crocodiles before you plan to go to this place.

get-imageimage source: wikimedia.org


9. Explore the religious side in the San Ching Tian or Lian Hua San Temple Chinese Temple:

This is a Taoist temple that is the largest one in Southeast Asia. It is situated just 4 kms away from Mirir in the Krokop district. There are a lot many Chinese temples in this region that one might stop by to delve deeper into the Taoist culture.

10 Piasau Nature Reserve:

Just 20 minutes away from the main town, this nature reserve gives people ample scope to indulge in basic trekking and walking. Being the closest nature reserve of Malaysia that is within minutes from a city limit, it is quite a popular tourist destination. There is also a beach near this reserve. Lot of bird watching is guaranteed in this nature reserve.

11. Play along with the Sibuti Fireflies:

In the Kampung Sibuti area, numerous fireflies reside. It is a delight to see them shine in a bunch for which there are organized tours that can be booked. This is one of the unique tourist attractions of Miri that one must explore. 

12. Dive into the waters of Miri:

Diving is a popular adventure sport practiced here and there are more than 20 diving spots in and around Miri. The famous diving school operator Coco Dive is located very much in the Miri city. The typical diving season in Miri is from March to November. From beginners to professionals, every kind of diver has scope to explore the waters of Miri with the help of the diving centers and trainers.

13. Putt in the lush golf fields of Miri:

The Eastwood Valley Golf and Country Club of Miri and the Miri Golf Club have its doors open for all golfing enthusiasts. The former also provides accommodation options for people looking for golfing holidays. The lush green meadows of these golf clubs help golf lovers unwind while enjoying their favorite sport.

Tickle the adventurer in you in the Deer cave: Deer Cave is considered to be one of the longest natural passages of the world. However, the cave is home to a variety of species of bats. So, the weak hearted should skip this adventure. With the advice of travel guides, tourists go to this specific spot to only see a school of millions of bats flying in and out of this cave. This sighting sure gives you a chance to witness a “national geographic” moment.

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Must see places in Miri ranked on popularity. Here is the complete list of best attractions in Miri and point of interests to visit.

  1. # 1 of 70 Things To Do in Miri | Added 968 times in trip plans
    Mulu Caves

    Tags: Outdoors, Cave, Leisure, Adventure

    Address: Near Long Terawan, Miri 98000, Malaysia

    Mulu Caves are a world heritage site and is one of the most visited attractions in Miri. The Caves are picturesque and looks like something that came out of a movie scene. The destination is a must vi...Read more

  2. # 2 of 70 Things To Do in Miri | Added 753 times in trip plans
    Niah Caves

    Tags: Outdoors, Cave

    Address: Niah National Park 98200 Miri Sarawak Malaysia

    Timings: 24-hrs Details

    Niah Caves are beautiful caves in the Miri region and have gained popularity due to their picturesque setting and aura. The destination comes highly recommended by travellers and locals. Stop at the l...Read more

  3. # 3 of 70 Things To Do in Miri | Added 770 times in trip plans
    Canada Hill

    Tags: Walking Area, Hill

    Address: Canada hill, Miri

    Timings: 24-hrs Details

    Canada hill is one of the best places for taking a walk or hiking in Miri. The hill has gained its popularity because of the picturesque scenery around and because of its green environment. Take a mor...Read more

  4. # 4 of 70 Things To Do in Miri | Added 875 times in trip plans
    Lambir Hills National Park

    Tags: National Park, Wildlife Park, Bird Watching

    Address: Lambir Hills National Park, Miri, Sarawak Malaysia

    Timings: 08:00 am - 05:00 pm Details

    Lambir Hills National Park is a diverse forest eco-system inMiri and has a total area of about 7000 hectares. The National park has gained its popularity due to its amazing biodiversity. The destinati...Read more

  5. # 5 of 70 Things To Do in Miri | Added 660 times in trip plans
    Snorkeling And Diving

    Tags: Adventure, Water Sport, Scuba, Snorkeling

    Address: Lot 2117, Block 9, | JalanMiri-Pujut, MCLD, Miri 98000, Malaysia

    Snorkeling and diving is an activity that every traveller should try. The experience gets you close to the marine life in a totally new way. Be a part of the whole journey and get to witness the most ...Read more

  6. # 6 of 70 Things To Do in Miri | Added 326 times in trip plans
    Miri Crocodile Farm Cum Mini Zoo

    Tags: Wildlife Park, Entertainment, Farm

    Address: 98000 Lutong,Sarawak,Malaysia

    Timings: 09:00 am - 06:00 pm Details

    Miri Crocodile Farm cum Mini Zoo in Miri is home of more than thausand of Estuarine and Malayan Gharial Crocodile and unique species of animals. Taman buaya Miri is northern S...Read more

  7. # 7 of 70 Things To Do in Miri | Added 662 times in trip plans
    Escape Room Miri

    Tags: Entertainment, Games

    Address: Lot 15, Jalan Merpati, Miri 98000, Malaysia

    Escape Room Miri is an interactive and innovative experience that every traveller should try at least once. The game basically is to escape the premises in 45 minutes by solving various mind tricks. T...Read more

  8. # 8 of 70 Things To Do in Miri | Added 492 times in trip plans
    Taman Awam

    Tags: Walking Area

    Address: JalanMiri - Bintulu, 98000 Miri, Sarawak, Malaysia

    Taman Awamis a popular destination for morning exercise and evening walk. The place is famous for itsbarbeque outings and you might see many people enjoying the meal. There is also a free swimming poo...Read more

  9. # 9 of 70 Things To Do in Miri | Added 707 times in trip plans
    Luak Esplanade

    Tags: Beach, Walking Area, Food And Drinks, Leisure

    Address: 98000 Miri, Sarawak, Malaysia

    Timings: 24-hrs Details

    Luak Esplanade is a beach in Miri and is considered one of the most fun locations in the area. The beach sees a lot of locals and tourists looking for relaxation and a good time. There's street food s...Read more

  10. # 10 of 70 Things To Do in Miri | Added 130 times in trip plans
    Club Celebrities

    Tags: Entertainment, Nightlife, Nightclub

    Address: Lot 1120, Imperial Palace Hotel, 98000 Miri, Sarawak, Malaysia

    Timings: 04:00 pm - 11:59 pm Details

    Club Celebrities is one of the finest and most happening clubs in Miri. The club is known for its great architecture, groovy music and stylish interiors. So if you are looking for a night of excitemen...Read more

  11. # 11 of 70 Things To Do in Miri | Added 655 times in trip plans
    Gunung Mulu National Park

    Tags: Outdoors, National Park

    Address: Sarawak, Malaysia

    Timings: 08:00 am - 05:00 pm Details

    GunungMulu National Park is a UNESCO World heritage site and encompasses picturesque caves and Beautiful fauna. The Park is known well for its scenic beauty and tranquil environment. The equatorial ra...Read more

  12. # 12 of 70 Things To Do in Miri | Added 667 times in trip plans
    The Grand Old Lady

    Tags: Landmark, Historical Site

    Address: Canada Hill, Q659, 98000 Miri, Sarawak, Malaysia

    Timings: 24-hrs Details

    The Grand Old Lady is one of the most historically important locations in the area. The grand old lady is the Number 1 oil well in the location and sees a lot of tourists all the year round. Visit the...Read more

  13. # 13 of 70 Things To Do in Miri | Added 4 times in trip plans
    Pasar Malam Saberkas Image

    Tags: Market

    Address: 2206, Jalan Saberkas Utama, Saberkas Commercial Centre, 98000 Miri, Sarawak, Malaysia

    Timings: 07:00 am - 01:30 pm Details

    When you visit the Pasar Malam Saberkas, you will get an insider’s view of the local life in Malaysia. This famous night market is a major attraction for tourists and locals alike and is charact...Read more

  14. # 14 of 70 Things To Do in Miri | Added 55 times in trip plans
    Miri City Fan

    Tags: Park

    Address: Jalan Kipas, 98000 Miri, Sarawak, Malaysia

    When in Sarawak the next time, you should spare a few hours from your itinerary and visit Miri City Fan recreational park. This park is a lovely landscaped garden extending over a vast area. You will ...Read more

  15. # 15 of 70 Things To Do in Miri | Added 78 times in trip plans
    Harbour View Inn

    Tags: Hotel

    Address: Lot 124, Jalan Bendahara, Miri, 98000, Miri, Sarawak, 98000, Malaysia

    It is hard to find a pocket-friendly accommodation which is also cozy and comfortable. But, Harbour View Inn fits all the criteria perfectly. Located in the heart of the city, it is perfect for travel...Read more