How to Reach Moab


  • By Air: Canyonland Field Airport receives flights from Denver. Reserve transport from hotel into town beforehand. Salt Lake City International Airport is usually the closest other entry point and more frequently used. Land, and drive 4 hours to Moab, or find a a shuttle service online. Do the same if coming from Las Vegas (6 hours drive), or Grand Junction (2 hours drive).
  • By Train: The town of Green River, Utah, has an AMTRACK stop, receiving trains from Grand Junction, Las Vegas and Denver. Moab is a 50 minute drive away.
  • By Car: Get off I-70 at exit 214 and onto Utah Route 128. It's a beautiful drive, but don't do it at night, as the road is dangerously narrow. It ends at U-191, and Moab is on that road.


  • By Rental: Automobiles, 4-Wheel Drive, Motorcycles, Dirt Bikes are all freely available in town, and are the best way to get around. Transportation will make up a large part of your Moab trip.
  • By Taxi: Shuttle and taxi services do thriving business in Moab, but if you are on a budget, they can get pretty pricey, especially for attractions far away and especially because you have to arrange with them to take you back as well.