Fun and Entertaining Places in Moab

The city of Moab will not disappoint you when it comes to entertainment. Be it the vibrant shopping streets, bustling nightlife, or creative theaters, you will find different fun and entertainment options in Moab. Here is the extensive list of all the entertainment places in Moab that are bound to make your vacation a memorable one. With so many options to choose from, you will never have to worry about what to do in Moab anymore.

Let's explore the best places for fun and entertainment in Moab:

  1. Area B F E

    4.2 (96 Votes)
    Area B F E

    Outdoors, Camp, Entertainment

    It's not often that a recreation park is designed exclusively to cater to ATVs. In fact, this may be the only one. No complaints! It's terrific fun. The basic premise is simple - use your vehicle to navigate through difficult terrains, and occasionally camp down in a cute little playground. The trails are all named after punk bands for some reasons…. Except of one of the hardest trails -...Read more
  2. Bret Edge Photography

    Photo Gallery, Workshop

    Inside this simple contemporary gallery hand some of the coolest landscape and adventure photographs you'll ever see. Bret owns this gallery with his wife. While you can visit the gallery anytime it is open, many come to avail Bret's photography workshops, which he offers for both private and group parties. Workshops actually take your around on a photography tour of Moab. However, if all you'r...Read more
  3. White Rim Trail

    Hiking Trail, Adventure, Adults

    A journey on the White Rim Trail will be one to remember and feel good about. This 100- mile trail loops in and around the Island in the Sky and treats you with mesmerizing views of the vast lands and rock formations. Be prepared for a couple of nights’ stay if you want to complete this trail by a four-wheeler. The terrain comprises of steep sections and a permit for taking the White Rim ...Read more
  4. Aztec Butte Trail

    Outdoors, Hiking Trail, Adventure, Adults

    For those of you who like to experience the thrill of a moderately challenging nature walk, the Aztec Butte Trail is just perfect. The total distance of this trail is 3.2 km and you will find the first part of the trail to be sandy. After a while, the sandy terrain gives way to Puebloan granaries and the right junction at this point leads to panoramic views. Aztec Butte Trail takes about 1.5-2 ...Read more