Mont Saint- Michel Tourism

An island nestled only 600 meters from the mainland, Mont St. Michel in France is a marvel in itself. The fortification which resembles a Disney World palace complete with haunting streets that exude old-world charm, the island is seeped in French history.

The island history starts in 8th century AD when a monastery was built here which still resides at its heart. The planned structure of the island in itself is a wonder- God and monastery at the top, great halls below it followed by stores and housing followed by the fisherman’s quarters outside its walls.

The island however had a natural strategic relevance- during low tide, the island was easily accessible to pilgrims and proved to be fatal during high tides! This protected the island from the epic ‘Hundred Years of War’. Later Louise XI converted the island into a prison.

Tourism has since only added to the Mont St. Michel’s charm!

Today the Island is a wonder in history and is flooded with tourists annually to see the Island and experience the stories which seep through it.

If you love to experience places which are unique and transport you to an era gone by, add Mont St. Michel to your travel Itinerary. Experience history in its every stone, every brick, every alley and every corner of the island.

Essential travel information and Mont Saint- Michel tips for your visit

  • Carry rain gear when travelling in Fall season and warm clothes almost throughout the year if you are travelling off season. 
  • Summers are pretty hot here and hence carry light clothes when travelling during high season.
  • Summer witness heavy tourist flow. Do time your visit well and arrange for stay near the island.
  • If you are staying on the mainland and travel to and fro to the Mont, then time your visits well before sunset as the water can block the only way to leave the place.

The best tours and activities in the city, guided by experts to give you a local insight to the best of Mont Saint- Michel