How to Reach Mont Saint- Michel - The Easiest Way to Reach Mont Saint- Michel


  • By Air: There are no direct flights to the small Island. The nearest airport is the Greenville airport, which is 55 kilometres north of the island. Another airport is the Dinard - Pleurtuit - Saint-Malo Airport which is 60 kilometres west of the island. From here you can rent a car or hire a taxi to reach the Island.
  • By Car: Driving is the cheapest and best way to reach the parking near the island from where free shuttles are available. From Paris it take 4 hours to drive to the island while the neighbouring cities are located at maximum of 2 hours drive. 
  • By Train: Trains especially the TGV is preferred to reach Pontorson from Paris and other major cities in France. From Pontorson a bus ride ahead will suffice.
  • By Bus: Busses are available from Pontorson and Rennes City Train station. Pontorson is a 15 minutes bus ride from Mont St. Michel.


  • By Walking: The island is small and can only be covered on foot. Enter the island by the Causeway as any other way to enter Mont St Michel can be dangerous.

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How to Reach Mont saint- michel from Nearby Cities

Route Distance Time
Rouen to Mont saint- michel 299.56 km 4 hours 59 mins
Shepperton to Mont saint- michel 312.87 km 5 hours 12 mins
Witney to Mont saint- michel 333.89 km 5 hours 33 mins
Dulwich to Mont saint- michel 335.54 km 5 hours 35 mins
Tavistock to Mont saint- michel 352.22 km 5 hours 52 mins
Cergy to Mont saint- michel 398.26 km 6 hours 38 mins
Jouy-en-josas to Mont saint- michel 408.89 km 6 hours 48 mins
Paris to Mont saint- michel 429.46 km 7 hours 9 mins
Saint-maur-des-fossés to Mont saint- michel 444.19 km 7 hours 24 mins
Frameries to Mont saint- michel 627.59 km 10 hours 27 mins