15 Best Things To Do in Monterosso

A peaceful and laid back village in La Spezia province of northern Italy, Monterosso al Mare is one of the preferred tourist destinations in Italy of late. It is situated in the westernmost part of Cinque Terre and is one of the largest villages of the five. Surrounded by lush hills that are blanketed with the vineyard as well as olive groves, Monterosso has a pretty landscape and has many tourist attractions to see. The beaches of Monterosso have steep cliffs around them that are looking over the crystal blue waters of the sea.

The town is separated physically into old and new parts by a tunnel. Italy is all about art, culture and architectural beauty and most of the spots amongst the 15 best attractions in Monterosso Italy revolve around these aspects.

Here's the list of places to visit and 15 best things to do in Monterosso:

1. Monterosso Vecchio

Constructed in medieval times, this place houses a prominent historical centre on the San Cristoforo hill. This is in the old part of the town that is characterized by cobblestoned street and winding narrow lanes. Shops and eateries are lined on the streets. Monterosso Vecchio in Old Monterosso will still remind you of the medieval times since it has remained untouched ever since.

2. Church of St Francis

San Cristoforo hill that is situated close to the Castle of Monterosso ruins is where this church is located. This church was established in 1619. However, over the course of time, this building has served as a hospital and also a warehouse. Back in 1894 a clergyman named Don Giuseppe Policardi purchased this property, renovated it and made a donation of it to the Cappuccini monks. The interior has great artwork and has paintings of Van Dyck, Luca Cambiaso and also of Bernardo Castello.

Tourists can enjoy a beautiful view from this location of the rest of the town.

3. Monterosso Beach

Monterosso Beach - ImagePhoto: wikimedia.org

Monterosso has a nice beach for sunbathers, who can hire sun lounges and changing huts when there on the beach. This beach can get crowded in the peak tourist season or the summer months.

4. The Giant

This is a gigantic sculpture located near Fegina beach. Ever since 1910, this cement and iron statue majestically adorns the land of Monterosso. Arrigo Minerbi was a sculptor of Ferrara, who along with engineer Levacher built this sculptor. The Giant signifies Neptune or the god of the sea, and hence it is located on the beach. Thanks to a 1966 incident, when the sea got rough, The giant has two missing arms, a leg and a trident.

5. Church of San Giovanni Battista

church-imagePhoto: wikimedia.org

Built in an around 1244 and 1307, this church has a Ligurian Gothic style to its architecture. It is made of green and white marble stripes and is adorned by a rose window on top. The medieval watchtower is now a bell tower of the church that goes way back to 1276.

6. The Oratory of the Confraternita dei Neri

Present next to the Church of San Giovanni Battista, this oratory is for the black men. Made in the 16th century, it was done in Baroque style. It was made to keep the statue of St Antonio Abate.

7. The Oratory of the Confraternita dei Bianchi

To the right of the San Giovanni Battista church is this oratory for white men. These oratories were named for the choice of garment color that was used in processions back in 16th century. Most of the iItalianvillages had a minimum of two Confraternita or Brotherhoodsn.

8. The Sanctuary of Our Soviore in Monterosso

After a hill hike of about 75-80 mins from Via Roma from behind the village, this church can be reached. This being the most ancient Marian sanctuary (Shrine to the Virgin Mary) during the Liguria region, it was initially built to shelter refugees from Albareto village. While some parts of the building is still untouched, most of it has been renovated from time to time. Te renovation styles are in Gothic, Romanesque and Baroque styles. An old statue dating back to the 15th is present inside this church. The wooden statue represents a Pietá. Every year on August 15th, this sanctuary is celebrated by hosting a festival.

9. Boat Trips from Monterosso

If people want to see all the towns of Cinque Terre that includes Monterosso, then a ferry trip is recommended. It leaves from Monterosso and covers places like Vernazza, Riomaggiore and Manarola. This gives one an overall sight-seeing chance of the entire Cinque Terre. Corniglia is missed in this ferry boat ride since it is not close to water and is up on a hill. The ferry can also be boarded from any of the other villages.

10. Sanctuary Soviore

Sanctuary Soviore is present 450 meters above sea level and hence it takes quite a climb to reach here. History says that a local priest once dug through a hole in a wall here out of curiosity to find the Soviore Madonna statue of the Virgin and Christ.

11. Aurora Tower

aurora-imagePhoto: wikimedia.org

This is one of the many watch towers that were present in olden times that guarded Monterosso and its surrounding areas from invaders. Located close to the sea, it offers some classic view from its location.

12. Hang gliding

This is one adventure sport that is done here by people from all over the world who visit this place. Soaring high over the Cinque Terra part of the coast, a bird`s eye view of world war 2 bunkers, vineyards, cobbles stoned streets and white beaches can be enjoyed.

13. Take a walk in Borgo Antico

This part of Monterosso is ancient and walking through its narrow streets will give you a different feel altogether. Its streets are lined with shopping stalls and eateries. Local artisans also out up tents near the dock area to showcase their products for sale. Sometimes, you can also find artists sitting by the dock, who are busy at work.

14. Hike this beautiful and scenic trail to soak in some Italian nature

Even though a long and tough one, it is worth all the hard work and sweat, thanks to the beautiful views that it offers. The trail begins at the Levanto beach and goes all the way south to Monterosso.

15. Parco Nazionale

This national park is situated near the sea. In and around the park, bright colored houses line the cliff that overlook the beautiful blue sea. The panoramic view from this park hike trails will give you pictographic memories of a lifetime. If one is on the look-out for things to do in cinque terre, this one is definitely worth a visit.

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Top-Rated Tourist Attractions in Monterosso, Italy

Must see places in Monterosso ranked on popularity. Here is the complete list of best attractions in Monterosso and point of interests to visit.

  1. Footpath Monterosso- Vernazza

    #1 of 50 Things To Do in Monterosso
    Footpath Monterosso- Vernazza

    Tags: Outdoors, Walking Area, Nature

    Address: Monterosso al Mare, Italy

    Timings: 24-hrs Details

    This footpath stretches from the very eastern part of the town in Hamlet, Regina and goes along the whole railway station and the next tunnel across the beach and ends on the western side where the pe...Read more

  2. Angelo's Boat Tours

    #2 of 50 Things To Do in Monterosso
    Angelo's Boat Tours

    Tags: Outdoors, Tour, Water Sport, Boating

    Address: Via Fegina 3, 19016 Monterosso Al Mare La Spezia, Italy

    Timings: 11:00 am - 05:00 pm Details

    This is a company that offers fantastic tours along the coastline. It is also rated as the best possible way to explore Cinque Terre by everyone who has once tried this. The company is named after a g...Read more

  3. Church Of San Francesco- Capuchin Friars Monastery

    #3 of 50 Things To Do in Monterosso
    Church Of San Francesco- Capuchin Friars Monastery

    Tags: Church, Religious Site, Landmark, Monastery

    Address: Salita Cappuccini, 19026 Monterosso al Mare,Italy

    Timings: 24-hrs Details

    This is a lovely church cum monastery that is situated on top of a hill that is lead up by quite a number of stairs. In spite of that it is simply a not- to- miss as the stress is completely compensat...Read more

  4. Il Gigante

    #4 of 50 Things To Do in Monterosso
    Il Gigante

    Tags: Landmark, Ancient Ruin, Historical Site, Sculpture

    Address: 19016 Riomaggiore Province of La Spezia, Italy

    Timings: 24-hrs Details

    The gigantic sculpture of Neptune overlooks the Italian riviera town of Monterosso del Mare making it a jaw dropping scene in Cinque Terra. This colossal structure was designed and built by Arrigo Min...Read more

  5. Spiaggia Di Fegina

    #5 of 50 Things To Do in Monterosso
    Spiaggia Di Fegina

    Tags: Beach, Water Body, Waterfront, Picnic Spot

    Address: Via Fegina, 50 19016 Monterosso al Mare SP, Italy

    Timings: 24-hrs Details

    One of the most beautiful and quaint beaches of Cinque Terra, this place is a must if you love serenity and quietude. Photographers will love its location for clicking great pics and earning some sple...Read more

  6. Borgo Antico

    #6 of 50 Things To Do in Monterosso
    Borgo Antico

    Tags: Landmark, Town

    Address: Via Roma, 19016 Monterosso al Mare, Italy

    Timings: 24-hrs Details

    This is that part of town where you can experience a perfect blend of the old and new town picture. The new town area is very modern with large buildings, shops, restaurants, cafes, museums with nice ...Read more

  7. Matilde Navigazione

    #7 of 50 Things To Do in Monterosso
    Matilde Navigazione

    Tags: Outdoors, Tour, Adventure, Adventure Sport

    Address: Via Vittorio Emanuele, 7, 19016 Monterosso Al Mare SP, Italy

    Timings: 10:00 am - 08:30 pm Details

    This is a boat rental company that provides tour services of the Ligurian Coast from Monterosso Al Mare till Portovenere and the island Palmaria. You get to explore the rocks and water bodies in a bea...Read more

  8. Chiesa Di San Giovanni Battista

    #8 of 50 Things To Do in Monterosso
    Chiesa Di San Giovanni Battista

    Tags: Church, Religious Site, Architecture

    Address: Piazza don Giovanni Minzoni, 19016 Monterosso al Mare, Italy

    Also known as the Church of St. John the Baptist, this is situated in Piazza Don Giovanni Minzoni in the province of La Spezia. This is the parish under the Diocese of La- Spezia- Sarzana- Bruganto. T...Read more

  9. Monumento A San Francesco D'assisi

    #9 of 50 Things To Do in Monterosso
    Monumento A San Francesco D'assisi

    Tags: Landmark, Monument, Statue

    Address: Piazza Giuseppe Garibaldi, 5, 19016 Monterosso al Mare SP, Italy

    Timings: 24-hrs Details

    While you are exploring the town of Cinque Terra, you will come across a beautiful monument of San Francesco d'Assisi. The saint is portrayed with arms that are lifted up and palms facing in the direc...Read more

  10. Dawn Tower

    #10 of 50 Things To Do in Monterosso
    Dawn Tower

    Tags: Landmark, Historical Site, Tower, Heritage Building

    Address: Castle of Monterosso | San Cristoforo, Monterosso al Mare, Italy

    This is a Medieval Era Clock Tower that can be seen from quite a long distance and it is always 10 minutes to 9 in this clock. It is quite a hike to reach this place and the stairs make it somewhat ea...Read more

  11. Oratorio Della Confraternita Dei Neri- Mortis Et Orationis

    #11 of 50 Things To Do in Monterosso
    Oratorio Della Confraternita Dei Neri- Mortis Et Orationis

    Tags: Church, Religious Site, Landmark

    Address: Piazza Don Giovanni Minzoni, 19016 Monterosso al Mare, Italy

    Better known as the Church of Brotherhood of Death and Prayer, this is an unusual church with an element of grotesque added to it. So, what makes it appalling? There are bones and skulls hanging aroun...Read more

  12. Buranco Agriturismo

    #12 of 50 Things To Do in Monterosso
    Buranco Agriturismo

    Tags: Outdoors, Tour, Food And Drinks, Winery

    Address: Via Buranco, Monterosso al mare SP, Italy

    Timings: 24-hrs Details

    Sometimes, you don’t need a manmade structure in order to invoke pruned beauty. Located in the centre of Cinque Terre, Buranco Agriturismo can be very easily termed as a natural amphitheatre whe...Read more

  13. Cantina Du Sciacchetra

    #13 of 50 Things To Do in Monterosso
    Cantina Du Sciacchetra

    Tags: Shopping Center, Specialty Shop

    Address: via Roma 7, 19016 Monterosso al Mare, Italy

    Timings: 11:00 am - 07:00 pm Details

    This is a nice shop selling all types of Italian wine, juices, pestos, marmalades, crockery, fruits and other such items. The owner of the shop is Lorenzo and he is loved by everyone because of his ni...Read more

  14. Santuario Di Soviore

    #14 of 50 Things To Do in Monterosso
    Santuario Di Soviore

    Tags: Church, Religious Site, Landmark

    Address: Localita Soviore, 19016 Monterosso Al Mare, Italy

    Timings: 08:30 am - 07:00 pm Details

    Also known as the Shrine of Our Lady of Soviore, it is a religious building in the Province of La Spezia. It is a part of the famous National Park of Cinque Terre and is situated amidst beautiful moun...Read more

  15. 5terre Massage

    #15 of 50 Things To Do in Monterosso
    5terre Massage

    Tags: Leisure, Spa

    Address: Piazza Garibaldi, 19016 Monterosso al Mare, Italy

    This is the only spa and wellness center of the town and above all it is better than almost all massages you have ever booked. Giorgio Moggia has magic hands and a lot of knowledge about which tissues...Read more

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