How to Reach Monteverde


  • By Air: San Jose International Airport is the closest international airport. From here to get to Monteverde you can take a bus or taxi. It lies at a distance of 138.1 kilometers.
  • By Bus: Several bus companies have regular service from San Jose to Monteverde.


  • By Taxi: Private taxi operators are plenty in Montevede.
  • By Bus: There are a lot of public buses that have regular 2-hour services to and fro the hills.
  • On Foot: This is the best way to get around Monteverde, given the fact that most popular attraction in proximity of each other. 
Route Distance Time
San jose to Monteverde 82.71 km 1 hour 22 mins
Atlanta to Monteverde 248.1 km 4 hours 8 mins
Oak ridge to Monteverde 276.52 km 4 hours 36 mins
Lafayette to Monteverde 325.26 km 5 hours 25 mins
Chicago to Monteverde 377.91 km 6 hours 17 mins
Oregon to Monteverde 518.58 km 8 hours 38 mins
Hood to Monteverde 1079.17 km 17 hours 59 mins
Lansing to Monteverde 1083.99 km 18 hours 3 mins
Brooklyn to Monteverde 1319.98 km 21 hours 59 mins
Boston to Monteverde 1645.19 km 27 hours 25 mins