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Travelling to Montreux, Casino, Montreux is fun only when you have all the necessary information. One glance at this page and you will know every little detail that will make trip planning easier. Know the exact address and check the location on the map. You will find ticket prices and timings here. If you have any doubts or want to confirm the opening or closing time, then note down the contact number to get in touch with the management. If you have already visited this place and have some suggestions regarding the available content on this page, feel free to edit it. TripHobo would love it if you can also contribute photos to complete the information.

When you are visiting Montreux, Casino, Montreux, it is important to have emergency contact numbers to make a safe trip. This page also provides you with a list of nearby pharmacies if you are not feeling well. You will never know when you will need money while travelling in a foreign country and that is why we provide a list of the locations of nearby ATMs and banks. If you are using a car or taxi for transportation, you can take a look at the list of nearby gas stations and parking lots given on this page. If you are planning on using public transport, the page will tell you all about nearby bus stations and railway stations. TripHobo is more than happy to give you the list of lovely homestays and hotels to make your stay comfortable. If you still need more information, you can head to the nearest tourist information centre mentioned on this page.

Finding a good restaurant to pamper your taste buds is always hard. But, not when you are using TripHobo! This page will give an elaborate list of places to eat. If you are looking for refreshing drinks, you will find nearest Bars, Hotel Lounges, Jazz and Blues Cafes, Sports Bars, Wine Bars, and Breweries. If you are craving for desserts and coffee, then check the list of places that offer Bagels and Donuts, Bakeries, Cafes, Coffee and Tea Houses, Dessert, Ice Cream Parlors, Juice Bars, and Smoothies. There are plenty of options when it comes to finding places serving quick bites like Delis, Diners, Fast Food, Pizza, Burgers, and Food Trucks. If eating is an elaborate affair for you, then a list of specialty places like Barbecue, Buffets, Seafood, Steakhouses, Vegan, Vegetarian, and International can also be found here.

Not sure what to do when you are visiting Montreux, Casino, Montreux? Check these things to do in Montreux to make the most of your time here.

Use Montreux trip planner while travelling to the place to make an elaborate itinerary.

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  • Truly amazing view of lake Geneve

  • Super resto cuisine gastro, belle ambiance tapis rouge et chic

  • Bello

  • Le restaurant saxo et magnifique et les serveurs sont au petits soins avec leurs clientèle au contraire du service en extérieur !! Les serveurs ne savent pas retenir une commande, ne sourient pas et n'ont pas l'air heureux de servir leur clients :( deçue

  • Perffetto

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Montreux, casino
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Find places near Montreux, Casino, Montreux

  • Ubs Avenue du Casino 41
    0.062 km away
  • Credit Suisse Place de la Paix 1
    0.171 km away
  • Cembra Money Bank SA Rue Igor-Stravinsky 2
    0.068 km away
  • Caisse générale d'allocations familiales AVS Rue du Lac 37
    1.643 km away
  • Banque Cantonale Vaudoise Grand-Rue
    0.475 km away
  • Banque Cantonale Vaudoise Place du Marché, 6
    0.263 km away
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  • Banque Cantonale Vaudoise Rue de la Paix 8
    0.194 km away
  • Association Sécurité Riviera Rue du Lac 118
    2.205 km away
  • Accidents Rue du Theatre 4
    0.13 km away
  • Police municipale Veytaux Rue du Marché 8
    0.315 km away
  • Police Municipale de Montreux R. Marché 8
    0.319 km away
  • Police Cantonale (Gendarmerie) Avenue des Alpes 5
    0.213 km away
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  • Pharmacie de Montreux Sàrl Avenue des Alpes 39
    0.567 km away
  • Pharmacie de Clarens Avenue Alexandre-Vinet 15
    1.908 km away
  • Pharmacie Internationale Tawadros SA Avenue Chillon 74
    1.09 km away
  • Sun Store Sa Avenue des Pléiades 6, Marché Centre Clarens
    1.927 km away
  • Amavita Pharmacie Casino Avenue du Casino 40
    0.083 km away
  • Pharmacieplus De La Tour d'Ivoire Rue Igor Stravinsky
    0.078 km away
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  • Restaurant le Pavillon Rue de Bon-Port 2
    0.894 km away
  • Barrel Oak Avenue des Alpes 37
    0.55 km away
  • Paradise Restaurant-Pub Grand Rue 58
    0.552 km away
  • For You Rue Gambetta 5
    1.72 km away
  • L'Alibi lounge bar Rue du Marché 23
    0.373 km away
  • Le Métropole Grand-Rue 55
    0.528 km away
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  • Harry's New-York Bar Grand Rue 100
    0.991 km away
  • Bar La Rose d'Or Grand-Rue, 100
    0.898 km away
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  • Jazz Cafe Avenue des Alpes 8
    0.17 km away
  • Montreux Jazz Café Avenue Claude Nobs 2
    0.986 km away
  • Conservatoire De Musique Rue du Pont 32
    0.464 km away
  • Conservatoire -
    0.464 km away
  • Tcb Music -
    0.833 km away
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  • Mayfair House Grand-Rue 52
    0.485 km away
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  • Arbiter Bibendi Grand-Rue 100
    0.982 km away
  • L' Aperitivo Rue du Marché 1bis
    0.371 km away
  • La Vinoteca -
    0.386 km away
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  • Zurcher Avenue du Casino 45
    0.089 km away
  • Tea-room des Alpes Avenue des Alpes 62
    0.449 km away
  • les Laurelles Chemin de l'Eaudine 4
    1.304 km away
  • Pâtisserie Girardin Avenue Mayor-Vautier 1
    1.811 km away
  • Boulangerie Pâtisserie Frais du Jour, Eliane & Pascal Guillaume Rue de la Corsaz 8
    0.369 km away
  • Tea-room l" Oasis Avenue des Alpes 51
    0.751 km away
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  • Le Palais Oriental Quai Ernest-Ansermet 6
    0.26 km away
  • Black Pearl Grand-Rue 92
    0.822 km away
  • Au Parc Grand-Rue 38
    0.406 km away
  • Il Brigantino Avenue des Alpes 102
    0.911 km away
  • Mae Nam Thaï Sàrl Avenue des Alpes 8
    0.172 km away
  • Château de Chillon Avenue de Chillon 21
    2.122 km away
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  • Moutarlier Lucien Grand-Rue 44
    0.442 km away
  • Fleur de Pains SA Grand-Rue 32
    0.359 km away
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  • Llaollao -
    0.292 km away
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  • Brasserie Bavaria Avenue Nestlé 17
    0.057 km away
  • Restaurant Le Caveau du Museum de Montreux Rue de la Gare 40
    0.429 km away
  • L'Ermitage Rue du Lac 75
    1.82 km away
  • Auberge de Chaulin Route de Chaulin 81
    2.614 km away
  • Riviera Place du Marché 6
    0.277 km away
  • Restaurant le Pavois Avenue de Chillon 63
    1.258 km away
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  • Montreux Jazz -
    1.14 km away
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  • Beijing Town Avenue du Casino 50
    0.143 km away
  • Fai Wong Avenue des Alpes 94
    0.813 km away
  • Restaurant Fuji Grand-Rue 66
    0.616 km away
  • Asiatique Cuisine -
    0.615 km away
  • Sushi In Montreux -
    0.242 km away
  • Wing Wah Chinese Restaurant -
    0.135 km away
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  • McDonald's Place du Marché 6B
    0.276 km away
  • Jazz Pizza Avenue de Chillon 70
    1.177 km away
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  • Restaurant Chinois Le Basilic Avenue du Casino 51
    0.156 km away
  • Emperor Rue de l'Eglise Catholique 1
    0.158 km away
  • Emperor Restaurant Rue de l'eglise catholique
    0.167 km away
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  • La Petite Falaise Avenue de Chillon 26
    2.038 km away
  • Le Pavillon 2 Montreux Rue de Bon-Port 2
    0.898 km away
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  • Migros Vaud MM Montreux Place du Marché 6
    0.279 km away
  • So Kee traiteur chinois Rue du Léman 8
    1.856 km away
  • La 45 Restaurant -
    0.649 km away
  • Balkan Grill Rue du Lac 68
    1.722 km away
  • Lounge Concept Sàrl en Liquidation Grand-Rue 60
    0.571 km away
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  • Les 4 Saisons Avenue des Alpes 8
    0.167 km away
  • Au p'tit Train Bleu Chemin de Pallud 1
    1.791 km away
  • Restaurant le 45 Avenue des Alpes 45
    0.658 km away
  • Cafe-Restaurant du Basset -
    2.524 km away
  • Cafe Restaurant Riviera -
    0.78 km away
  • Pinte Vaudeoise Route de Caux
    0.931 km away
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  • Hotel des Alpes Route de Glion 111
    1.018 km away
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  • Restaurant Pizzeria la Locanda Ruelle du Trait 44
    0.095 km away
  • Restaurant Dolce Place du Marché 6
    0.238 km away
  • Brasserie des Alpes Avenue des Alpes 23
    0.391 km away
  • La Costiera Rue des Vergers 8
    1.747 km away
  • Angel's Bar -
    0.679 km away
  • Montreux Molino Place du Marche 6
    0.302 km away
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  • Restaurant japonais huit Avenue du Casino 17
    0.122 km away
  • Tatami -
    0.583 km away
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  • Fonda Mexicana Avenue des alpes 17 bis
    0.342 km away
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  • Orientime - Restel Montreux SA Avenue du Casino 55
    0.167 km away
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  • Flash Pizzas Rue des Artisans 6
    1.69 km away
  • Café du Raisin Rue des Deux Fontaines 4
    1.479 km away
  • Jet Pizza Avenue des Alpes 57
    0.857 km away
  • la Couronne Avenue des Alpes 102
    0.913 km away
  • Pizza Express Grand-Rue 74
    0.703 km away
  • Restaurant le Rialto Avenue Mayor-Vautier 2
    1.838 km away
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  • Steak House Market Mousquetaires Avenue de la gare 24
    2.627 km away
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  • Tatami Sushi Bar -
    0.24 km away
  • Sushi Mania Montreux Jazz
    1.128 km away
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  • Restaurant Maï Thaï Rue du Lac 40
    1.57 km away
  • Sukhothai Avenue de Chillon 82
    0.947 km away
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  • Michel Detrey Epicerie du Basset Rue du Lac 141
    2.456 km away
  • Tamoil Service Station Rue du Lac 112
    2.035 km away
  • Intermines S.A. Avenue des Alpes 5
    0.196 km away
  • Carbagas dépôt gaz Route de Brent 9
    2.998 km away
  • Thévenaz A. -
    0.235 km away
  • Esso Suisse Grand-Rue 106
    1.133 km away
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  • Parking du Marché Grand-Rue
    0.315 km away
  • Park & Drive Montreux -
    2.925 km away
  • Parking Des Planches Avenue des Planches
    0.143 km away
  • City Centre Rue de la Paix 8
    0.198 km away
  • Complex Sportif du Pierrier Rue du Torrent
    2.029 km away
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  • Montreux Casino -
    1.484 km away
  • MJF parking A -
    2.94 km away
  • Montreaux Busparking -
    0.577 km away
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  • Gare de Montreux Avenue des Alpes
    0.627 km away
  • Gare de Martigny -
    0.636 km away
  • Glion Gare -
    0.903 km away
  • Fontanivent -
    2.613 km away
  • Gare CFF Clarens Rue du Collège
    1.885 km away
  • Blonay - Chamby -
    2.643 km away
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  • Hotel-Restaurant de la Rouvenaz 1 Rue du Marché
    0.383 km away
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  • Résidence Castel les Chênes Avenue de Naye 15
    1.226 km away
  • Auberge de Jeunesse Montreux Passage de l'Auberge 8
    1.124 km away
  • Youth Hostel Montreux -
    1.116 km away
  • Pension Wilhelm Rue du Marché 13
    0.349 km away
  • Jugendherberge Montreux-Territet Passage de l'Auberge 8
    1.13 km away
  • Hostellerie du Lac Rue du Quai 12
    0.249 km away
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