Morlaix Tourism

This commune of Brittany doesn’t have much of a history, but it does have a lovely, lovely bay. Costal walks is everyone’s favourite thing to do here. Do check out the Phare de L’île Vierge – France’s tallest light house At beach, you’ll often find people surfing, buggy-riding or kite flying during the summers. Out into the waters of the bay there are many tiny islands, including the fearsome looking Château du Taureau. Other small islets are a favourite of birdwatchers, especially during winter.

Back on land, the most striking sight to see in town is the ancient aqueduct that soars above Old Town. To the east of the town lies the Cairn of Barnenez, Europe’s largest megalithic mausoleum. To the west you’ll find Carentec, a quaint seaside resort.