Best Things To Do in Morogoro, Tanzania

Located in the eastern part of Tanzania, Morogoro is Tanzania’s capital city that attracts tourism due to its picturesque beauty and charm. The majestic mountains of Uluguru offer a stunning backdrop to Morogoro, rendering the city an exquisite aura. Since the town is in close proximity to these mountains, it becomes quite obvious it becomes an important stop for hiking trips to the Ulugurus. As for the mountains, they are populated by ancient forests, which botanists estimate to be around 25-million-year-old. With such a rich heritage, this town seems to be an obvious choice while you are visiting Tanzania. These woodlands are home to a plethora of bird and insect life, as well as diverse plant species which make it a haven for nature lovers. For those interested in culture, should visit the indigenousLuguru tribe programmes which regularly take place here.

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    Selous is unforgettable,Tanzania is a very beautiful country with Selous....can't speak of all found in there but when you visit the place you'll never want to step out your feet🦁🐗Yes! it is unf...

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