15 Best Things To Do in Moscow With Family and Kids

Moscow Russia is a city with too much beauty and adventure. No one can visit Moscow and ever regret coming here. Beautiful memories are made here by those who visit. As everyone plans a visit to Moscow, some things cannot afford to miss in the itinerary. These are the best and top 15 things to do in Moscow Russia with family and kids. Treat the family to a time of their life. Moscow will forever remain in their hearts and minds. Moscow has something for everyone. The beauty will not just impress everyone’s eyes, but it will touch everyone’s hearts.

Let's explore 15 best things to do in Moscow with family and kids:

1. Explore Different Career at Kidburg

There is no excellent way to educate the kids about careers than using fun examples where they dress up and go out for their duties. If the kids do not know what they want to become in the future, this is the perfect place to learn. For parents who have not had the career talk with their kids, bring them here. At Kidburg, a kid can be police, dentist, banker, miner, baker, and so on. The place is excellent and lets the kids try out different careers. This practice opens their mind to different possibilities.

Admission: Some charges apply.

2. Have Fun at Aquapark Kiribiya

Playing in water never gets old or boring. Therefore, everyone can rest be assured that the kids will have a lot of fun here. This aquapark is excellently designed and perfectly enclosed from the outside world. It is enormous and with excellent structures. In as much as the kids stand to have the most fun, even adults will have a good time.

Admission: Entrance fee is required.

3. Explore the Space at Museum of Cosmonautics

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There is nothing as exciting as exploring the space as a family. Museum of Cosmonautics gives families a great chance to learn more about space exploration. This specialty museum has more than eighty-five thousand objects that relate to the history of astronomy, flight, technology, and space. There are so many exhibitions and interactive displays that will mesmerize everyone in the room. The museum was opened in the year 1981 and was renovated in 2009. Therefore, you can expect it to look as though it was opened a few months ago.

Admission: There is an entry fee for this museum, and it is perfect for everyone.

4. Tour the Magnificent St. Basil’s Cathedral

The St. Basil’s Cathedral is one of the most spectacular buildings you will see in Moscow. The breathtaking building encapsulates creativity, perfection, excellence, and charm. This building is like a fairy tale building. No one can leave Moscow without exploring this site. St. Basil’s Cathedral is located in the Red Square. Therefore, after everyone is done feeding their eyes, they can all proceed to explore more about the Red Square.

Admission: The entrance fees to St. Basil’s Cathedral costs around 500 Ruble.

5. Do Some Experiments at the Experimentation

This museum is not an ordinary museum. It is a museum with a significant difference that gives everyone an opportunity to experiment with different things in the field of physics, optics, acoustics and more. It is perfect for kids to discover what they fancy in this life and realize their passion concerning their careers. Anyone who is interested in science will love this excellent museum.

Admission: Some entry fees apply. More information is given at the museum.

6. Spend the Day at Sokolniki Park

This park is not one of those parks where a two-hour visit will suffice. This is a park where you go and spend an entire day there. The park is big with so many things to offer everyone. There are a lot of activities that everyone can engage in while here. One can go to the slides, trampolines, to the indoor gym, and so on. Ice-skating is the best part of the day. There are plenty of activities here that a day may seem too short. Everyone may be forced to come back to this park again. It is one of the best places to visit in Moscow.

Admission: Some charges apply. You will also need some money for some food because there are excellent places to eat.

7. A Tour Around Moskavarium

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The Moskavarium is a magical place and a perfect way of ending the day. There is so much to see at this place. It is gorgeous to look at this place and walk around at night. It is even more spectacular when there is a full moon. The fishes that are found in this aquarium are beautiful to look, and the aquariums are also creatively designed and decorated. Everyone will love this place.

Admission: Some charges apply, and a tour guide will also come in handy.

8. Watch a Show at the Bolshoi Theatre

This is one of the most brilliant theatres in Moscow, and it is a monumental landmark. It is enormous and excellently designed and decorated. Before everyone sits down for a show, ensure that there is enough time to explore the theatre. The exterior, as well as the interior of the theatre, will mesmerize everyone. After the tour of the theatre, ensure that everyone catches a show or two. The entertaining Russian acts have English subtitles which are very helpful and thoughtful.

Admission: The tickets need to be booked in advance because they are in high demand. They are also a bit pricey.

9. Interact With Some Animals at the Moscow Zoo

Moscow zoo has been around for over a hundred years, and it only gets better. There are more than six thousand animals here and that are categorized into a thousand species. There is also an aquarium and an aviary. Sea lions and nocturnal animals are also exhibited here. There is something for everyone at this zoo. The young children will hang out at the children’s zoo while others look around. There is a penguin pool, a house for primates and big cats as well. This zoo is wholesome, and everyone will have a memorable time here.

Admission: Entry fees into this zoo apply at all times. It is open to everyone.

10. Catch a Circus Show on Vernadskogo – The Great Moscow State Circus

There is nothing as relaxing and refreshing as laughter, amusement, and fun. This is what the circus show brings to the table. It is a perfect way of ending a long day. The Great Moscow State Circus is one of the few left traditional circus performances. Therefore, everyone should expect to see some animals performing. The shows are entertaining and refreshing. The artists appear to have mastered their art, and everyone will love them.

Admission: Everyone needs a ticket to enter the hall. You can get a ticket online. It is easy and straightforward.

11. Pay the Armoury a Visit

From the name, anyone can assume that the only thing present here is amour from a long time ago. Everyone will be shocked by what they will find. There is olden-days amour, but apart from that, there are treasures that everyone will love. There are elaborate thrones, golden carriages, fur-trimmed crowns, orbs made from diamond and emerald, coronation robes, urns and vases that are covered with jewelry, and so much more. The Armory is a treasure ‘hole.’ Unfortunately, it is not allowed to take pictures.

Admission: Everyone needs tickets to enter the Armory.

12. Enjoy Some Modern Art at Moscow Museum of Modern Art

Museums do not always have to show people the old. They can also be an excellent avenue for teaching people the new and trendy arts. This modern art museum is exemplary and lovely. The art that is displayed here is strikingly gorgeous. The collection of the art will get you hooked on Russian art. This museum will excite everyone that visits it and witnessed the spectacular side of art.

Admission: Everyone needs a ticket to enter the museum. Adults can pay around 100 Ruble.

13. Enjoy Some Music at Moscow International House of Music

Stunning is an adjective that can be used to describe this place, but it also does not suffice. This venue is heavenly. The design and construction alone will make you wish you could stay there forever. Wait until the music starts and everyone will understand that you have never really heard how beautiful music can be to the ears. The beautiful music will carry everyone away. The orchestra is flawless. Words will never be enough.

Admission: Book your tickets on time.

14. Dine at the Amazing Russian Show

You have not seen and experienced it all up until they have been here. The Amazing Russian Show is what the name suggests; amazing. The ambiance of the place is perfect. The meals that they serve are sumptuous, and the performances only make it taste better. Watch the spectacular shows over dinner with the family and enjoy some drinks (soft drinks for kids) as you watch the show.

Admission: This is a perfect dining spot for the family.

15. Shop at Metropolis Shopping Mall

No trip to Moscow is ever complete without shopping, and this mall is one of the best places in Moscow to go for shopping. Take advantage of the fact that the mall is relatively new. The mall is massive and has a lot to offer. There are so many things to buy here. Whether someone is looking for international brands or Moscow’s traditional items, they are all here.

Admission: Entering the mall is free.

These are some of the best places to visit in Moscow. No one can afford to miss any of these places.

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    St Basils Cathedral

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    Terem Palace

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    Diamond Fund

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    Bolshoi Theatre

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    Mayakovskaya Metro Station

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    Moscow Museum Of Modern Art

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    Golden Ring

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    Cathedral Of The Archangel

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    Izmailovo Alfa

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