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While we agree that Mostar might not be the first place that comes to your mind when sorting through the destinations for your next long awaited travel trip, it isdefinitely a place you must visit at least once in your lifetime.Why, you may ask? Well, simply because the place is an absolute wonder. It is an old historic city in Bosnia and Herzegovina, situated over the beautiful Neretva river and speaks of the long journey it has spanned through the dynamic days of Ottoman rising, Bosnian War and courageous re-establishment. A cultural hub created by numerous ethnicities coming together, it is most famous for its beautiful historic Ottoman-style bridge ‘Stari Most’ that is now considered to the most important landmarks and an exemplary form of Islamic architecture in the country. The liveliness and spark that the city radiates coupled with years long history makes it’s a perfect place for tourist to see the different phases of mankind and witness the true meaning of perseverance and strength that can be seen among the vivacious masses of Mostar.

The city came into existence during 15 and 16 centuries as Ottoman Frontier town. There is an interesting story behind the city being called Mostar. It is said that Mostar got its name from ‘Mustari’, the bridge keepers responsible for guarding The Old Bridge in the medieval times. The history of Mostar that is often spoken about is a daring journey marked with determination and grit. Among all the other Bosnian cities, Mostar was the one that wasmost heavily bombed and woundedduring the war in Bosnia and Herzegovina.Many buildings were destroyed in the war including Mostar’s pride and spiritual icon- Stari Most, The Old Bridge. The bridge was later rebuilt by the combined efforts of the international community and government in 2004 after 11 years of its destruction.Though the sign of the troubled past is still visible in the architecture and buildings of this war-torn city, a traveler must not feel surprised after seeing the zest and charm that the place and its people possess. After all, it is a city that has built itself from debris.

Mostar is an example of quintessential Ottoman culture which is visible in its architecture and historic buildings. That, along with countless number of traditional restaurants, market stalls, mosques make it one of the most visited destinations in Bosnia. A traveler visiting the Mostar will find himself stunned by the outstanding beauty it is surrounded with. Mostar has been home to numerous poets and scholars that has influenced it thoroughly. The Coppersmith’s bazaar of Mostar today is one of the most frequented tourist attractions among others. Take time out of your schedule to add this place to your bucket list and relish everything that the place has to offer considering the best time to visit.


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