How to Reach Mostar


  • By Bus: Bus transportation is one of the most common means to travel to Mostar. There are two bus stations in Mostar with the main one being next to the train station on the Bosnaik part of the city. The other station stands on the Croatian side of the town. Bus timetables can be seen online. There are buses that frequently run from Mostar to most of the cities in Bosnia and Herzegovina including Sarajevo, Ploce, Dubrovnik, Split, Zagreb, Podgorica, and Jaice.
  • By Car: One can easily reach Mostar from Western Europe via Croatia. It is a very convenient means for travelling and interesting one too.
  • By Plane: Mostar International Airport caters to seasonal flights from other destinations in the country.
  • By Train: There is a train route available for tourists from Mostar to Sarajevo.One can view the schedules of different trains online and decide for the one they want to go for.


  • By Bus: Buses are the common means of commute in Mostar. A company called Mostar Bus runsmany yellow buses in and around the city. Tickets can be bought directly from the driver and the price usually depends on the time zone one is visiting.
  • By Cars: A convenient means to get around the city, cars provide the required solace and freedom to move around freely and explore to one’s heart’s content.
  • By Foot: For people who wish to have a closer look at the city can go for backpacking. It is cheaper and can be very exciting for wanderlusts.