Best Things To Do in Mostar, Bosnia & Herzegovina

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For travelers who like to go off the beaten path and visit places that are not very conventional, Mostar is the perfect fit for your next trip. The place will literally take you by surprise. It is not just the old bridge that it is renowned for, the place has more to it. Mostar is surrounded by a beautiful landscape that we must say is worth exploring. Adventurous soul can go for a fun hiking trip in the nearby forested mountains or can walk through the town taking in the architecture speaking of its medieval glory. Be it the holy sites, offbeat statues, or the abandoned ruins, Mostar has everything to bring out that inner explorer of yours.

Start with the most famous ‘The Old Bridge’ where one can click pictures, pose for photos or watch locals diving in the river below. The braver ones can pay the locals and receive training for 20EURO. Koski Mehmed Pasamosque is another marvel of this beautiful city that you can look out for. Abandoned buildings in its ruin state provides an in-depth look on the brutality that once took place in the city while also lets you peep on the courage and fortitude of the souls who had braved the tragedy with valor. The sniper tower, Airport Hanger, and Neretva hotel are among the most frequented spots for visitors. While you are at it, Kravice waterfalls is a must for a visit. Apart from this, there are other surrounding towns near Mostar such as Pocitelj to complete your visit with. From Partisan’s cemetary to riverside cafe, this beautiful city of mortar can be everything you might like to see in your adventurous escapades.

Below we have a list of things to do in Mostar and the places where you want to spend the best moments of your trip. At the same time, the city offers you the best neighborhoods to explore and new foods to try.

This list should help you in deciding and prioritizing what you should plan on your Mostar getaway. Find a mix of must-see tourist spots, underrated local hangouts, and maybe even a few new experiences you can try out.

Make the most of your trip to Mostar with confidence.

Tourist Attractions in Mostar

Here is the list of things to do in Mostar and tourist attractions in city.

  1. Old Bridge

    4.7 (547 Votes)
    Old Bridge

    Landmark, View Point, Bridge, Walking Area

    Anyone, who is deeply interested in Bosnian history would definitely understand the significance of this bridge. Known as country's most iconic landmark, Stari Most has been brought to existence by great Ottoman king Suleiman The Magnificent in 15-16th century and is considered to be the finest example of Balkan Islamic Architecture. Situated on the bank of Neretva River, the bridge is now the ...Read more
  2. Kravice Waterfalls

    4.5 (189 Votes)
    Kravice Waterfalls

    Camp, View Point, Picnic Spot, Nature

    Kravice waterfalls is the top most tourist attraction among travelers after Stari Most. Most of its fame is attributed to its scenic landscape and quiet peaceful surroundings. The place has a little cafe which is quite popular among folks for its delicious coffee. Apart from that, it has rope swing and a picnic area where one can just sit back and enjoy his meal while relishing the beautiful ba...Read more
  3. Neretva River

    4.5 (329 Votes)
    Neretva River

    Water Body, View Point, River

    Neretva River is considered to be the longest and most beautiful river of Adriatic Basin that flows through Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina. It is said that the river was given its name from Celts who called the river ‘NereEtva’ translated as ‘Flowing Divinity’. The thing that attracts the tourists the most to Neretva is its vibrancy and richness. For shutterbugs, the pl...Read more
  4. Blagaj Tekija

    4.7 (348 Votes)
    Blagaj Tekija

    River, Monument, Nature

    Build in 15th century, Blagaj Tekke is among the most prominent monuments in the Ottoman history. The Dervish Monastery is situated in a little village it shares the name with and quite close to the city of Mostar. The place is said to have a mystic charm and was used as a sacred place for performing holy rituals. Now it is open to visitors and sees a lot of tourists. Thanks to its picturesque ...Read more
  5. Old Bazar Kujundziluk

    Cafe, Restaurant, Market

    One of the popular tourist stops for travelers and shophoppers, the old bazaar is an Ottoman era market where you can get everything from porcelain pots, traditional Turkish ornaments to handcrafted souvenirs and articles. The street embodies the essence of Ottoman lifestyle with its cobblestone streets and rustic styled buildings and is adorned with numerous shops, cafes and restaurants on bot...Read more
  6. Koskin Mehmed Pasha's Mosque

    Mosque, Religious Site

    It is a beautiful old Mosque built by Koskin Mehmed Pasha in the early 17th century from whom it has received its name. The mosque known for its simplistic style architecture is very close to Neretva river and offers an enthralling view of its surroundings. Travelers can climb the minarets or enjoy themselves walking around the courtyard outside the mosque which accommodates a nice fountain and...Read more
  7. Turkish House

    4.5 (55 Votes)
    Turkish House

    Historical Site

    A timeless attraction, the house has been preserved as a historical site for travelers and onlookers. The place had been a nobleman’s house build with high walls to ensure safety and security of the women in the abode. It reflects the quintessential Ottoman style houses with its classic wooden cupboards and brass tables. The artifacts belonging to that time are still showcased and has bee...Read more
  8. Partisan Memorial Cemetery

    Cemetery, Architecture

    Built in the memory and honor of the fallen Yugoslav soldiers, the cemetery is a commonly visited attraction among tourists and a significant part of Mostar’s historical muse. Designed by Bogdan Bogadanovic in 1965, the graveyard is an abstract monument with puzzle shaped grave stones and unique sculptures. The monument speaks of the aftermath of a war and serves as a reminder of the sacr...Read more
  9. War Photo Exhibition

    Photo Gallery, Exhibition

    A small exhibition inhabiting the memories of the brutal war and its aftermath. The place although small provides a thorough insights about the happenings in the past and the restoration of the city to its current self. It has around 50 photographs and various accounts snapped by a New Zealand born photographer wade goddard. Travelers must visit the place at least once during their visits just ...Read more
  10. Muslibegovic House

    4.5 (300 Votes)
    Muslibegovic House

    Art And Culture, Historical Site

    The house reflects the noble lineage of the past aristocrats and is renowned among tourists for his historical artifacts and unique traditional look. Styled in rustic way with decorated ceilings, wooden cupboards, and rugs, the place exhibits the charm of Bosnian culture in a subtle yet effective manner. Travelers can stay for a while and have an up close experience of this city that is probabl...Read more
  11. Karagoz Bey Mosque

    4.6 (329 Votes)
    Karagoz Bey Mosque

    Mosque, Religious Site

    Renowned for its simplistic beauty, the mosque boasts of refined Ottoman style and tradition. It is very close to the old town of the Mostar and is considered to be one of the oldest mosque of its time. The interiors are very affluent even if the decor has been kept to its minimum. Travelers are allowed to climb the minarets which has a splendid view of its surrounding. The mosque is unique and...Read more
  12. Saint Peter And Paul Monastery

    Religious Site, Architecture , Monastery

    The church is probably the only piece of architecture that has a modern touch to it in the otherwise old city of Mostar. It is closer to the Stari Most and has the highest bell tower in the city. People visiting the place can take the lift to reach to the top of the campanile and enjoy the panoramic view of the old town from up there. One can also find few shops selling souvenirs and other arti...Read more
  13. Muzej Hercegovine

    4.2 (15 Votes)
    Muzej Hercegovine


    Brought to existence in 1950 with an idea to preserve the rich cultural heritage of Ottoman empire, the place now stands as ideal corner for people to visit and learn about the city’s historical aspects. It consists of tens of thousands of artifacts and documents that lay there bespeaking the happenings of the city from its formation, fall to restoration. Travelers and historians interest...Read more
  14. Radoblja River

    4.5 (19 Votes)
    Radoblja River

    Water Body, View Point, River, Bridge

    It is a small river flowing through the city of Mostar with a small bridge and fine surrounding. The construction of this bridge has an interesting story behind it. The crooked bridge of Radoblja river which looks like small version of Stari Most was built before that by architect Mimar Sinan in order to prove his architectural idea. It was only after the perfect completion of this project that...Read more
  15. Mepas Mall

    4.5 (19 Votes)
    Mepas Mall

    Restaurant, Mall, Shopping Center

    Started in 2012 the mall is a popular destination among tourists. The place reflects the metropolitan side of the city with its wide array of shops accommodating numerous branded and local products. Travelers who are not comfortable with street shopping can come here for a while to shop. With over 80 shops, various restaurants and food corners, the place is hit amid people and can be visited fo...Read more