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Mozambique Overview

Mozambique travel guide is a precise description of the Mozambique for the people who are willing to spend a vacation of few days. Mozambique, officially known as the republic of Mozambique is a southeast African country. It has the Indian Ocean to the east, Tanzania to the north, Zimbabwe to the west and South Africa to the south. Maputo is the capital city of Mozambique. Portuguese is spoken by most of the people here.

Visa Procedure for Visiting Mozambique

All visitors except citizens of South Africa, Tanzania, Zimbabwe and few other countries require visa for entering Mozambique. Visa on arrival option is available here. For Mozambique visa, one must apply at a nearest British embassy, high commission or consulate. A tourist visa is valid for only 90 days after issue. Mozambique allows an extension of further 30 days at immigration offices in provincial capital.

 Ideal Time of Visiting Mozambique

Most of the Mozambique falls within the tropical regions, hence it has mostly tropical climate. Except for few days of June and July evenings are rarely cold. Summer is pretty hot and humid. Interior plains generally exhibit high temperatures than that of coastal areas. The best time to visit Mozambique is between May and November whenrainfall and temperature is at lowest. It is also a good time to travel during early part of the rainy season which starts from November. Tourists must keep in mind that January and February are cyclone season.

Favorite Tourist Attractions

A laid-back, friendly and comparatively safe tourist destination in Africa, Mozambique offers visitors numerous things to see. It has dozens of stunning tropical beaches, perfect for lazing around on. Enormous sand dunes, fresh water lakes of Bazaruto Island, African’s largest artificial lake are some best place to visit in Mozambique. Ponta D’ouro, located in south of Maputo, Tofo beach described as ‘next to Goa’, Vilanculos are some other point of tourist interest of Mozambique.

Mozambique Transportation

Mozambique is connected by airways, roadways with the whole world. Most of the international flights arrive from South Africa to Mozambique. Through train, one can enter and exit from Mozambique via Malawi. By car, one can enter into Mozambique from various points with a valid registration document. Currently there is no scheduled ferry service in Mozambique. So airlines are the convenient solution to the question of how to reach Mozambique. Bus service and taxis are there for helping you out in traveling from one place to another in Mozambique.

Cuisine and accommodation

As a Portuguese dominion in early days, Mozambique has profound Portuguese impact on its food. Piri-Piri, known as African bird’s eye, Matapa are famous dishes of Mozambique. Seafood is pretty well here too. Fresh fruits and vegetables are also easily available. The legal age of buying and drinking alcoholic beverage in Mozambique is 18 years. Travelers are advised to keep in mind that, here, tap waters are unsafe to drink. Accommodation here ranges from inexpensive guesthouses to most expensive resort.

As a tourist, list of thing to do in Mozambique is pretty big. Camping and caravanning are some famous outdoor activity. So for a few day vacations, Mozambique is the best place in east Africa to roam around.

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