Best Time To Visit Mt Macedon

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Best Time To Go To Mt Macedon

Having a predictable weather pattern, the best season to visit Mt Macedon is hands down spring. Having said that, every season has its own charm and if you are visiting Mt Macedon for the first time, here’s all the information you will require about the climatic conditions:

  • Summer: Summer season is from December to February with March being a transitional month between summer and autumn. The temperatures vary between 9.8° Celsius and 23° Celsius. But there have been days when the temperature has reached 40° Celsius as well!
  • Autumn: April and May is autumn. The temperatures vary between 5.5° Celsius and 20° Celsius. May onwards, the town starts facing a few rainy days.
  • Winter: June, July and August are cold months with rainy days. The temperatures vary between 2.5° Celsius and 9.5° Celsius.
  • Spring: Spring spreads its charm from September to November. The temperatures vary between 4.5° Celsius and 18.5° Celsius.

The best time to visit Mt Macedon is from September to January.

    We will be updating things to do in Mt Macedon soon.