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China House Lounge is situated in Mumbai, India.

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  • Being one of the best fine dining restaurants in the city, this lounge ,once a club it has been now converted into a Chinese themed lounge from the Prohibition era from the mid 1900s serving authentic Chinese cuisine.You get a royal feeling the moment you enter the lounge with the gate being a huge one just like the old times in China. The coin wall is an attraction displaying coins from the old era and further inside are the different PDRs where people can enjoy their food and drinks. This is the first johhny walker lounge in India and being said that the cocktails served here are amazing. The Bartenders have themselves curated the cocktails and each one has a different story associated with it which is worth listening to Coming to the cocktails: Every cocktail has its own significance and a Storyline behind it. One tradition I particularly noticed was each and every glass was draped and wasn't left uncovered. Navari: This had the most unique presentation. They literally draped a navari saree to the glass which was served. The nose ring added on to it looked really gratifying. Story suggests that once a Chinese came to the Maharashtra state and the first time he was served with a lady draped in Navari. Typical Maharashtrian culture. Well this drink consists Guava and gin. Guava being a Maharashtra fruit and Gin added to it was delightful. Karate master: Must say the presentation makes you go wonders about this place. It was a typical Chinese draping A Chinese man used to hang this on his waist while dancing and sipping up the delightful treat. The mix and match of match of pineapple and rum is just soothing. Speak easy: Well this was the extremely flavourful cocktail we relished. People's favourite Mango is the signature ingredient. Comprises mango, lime juice, gin,vinegar and sugar. Such a heavenly combination was truly mesmerizing. Time to rise: Again the cocktail was served amazingly. Barrel garnished with green leaves gave a splendid presentation. A whiskey flavoured cocktail. One of the classic cocktail to luxuriate in. Let's go with the appetizers: Prawn dumplings: Chinese is just incomplete without steamed dumplings. Usually veggie dumpling or chicken dumpling is what we come across. But prawns was an innovation. Freshly boiled prawn set out with the Perfectly (soft,flavoured, texture) cooked coating was a splendid creation. Kung Pao bao: Such bao much wow. Tender chicken pieces spiced up, garnished to perfection was truly appetizing. The quality was uncomparable. The Hot and spicy balance was perfect. Shrimp and pork dumpling: Again the combination of shrimp and pork dressed In a brown bun crargrilled to excellence. Served alongside various Chinese sauce, was good to enhance various flavours for each bite. The comes the absolute delight Prawn spring roll. The first bite made me go wonders. Excellent balance hot+crispy+soft interiors+smooth texture coating. You can just go on relishing them, trust me! The main course meal: Kung pao chicken with chinese vinegar ginger and peanuts: Gently cooked chicken pieces with in house kung pao sauce tossed with peanuts and poured vinegar served with fried noodles and chicken fried rice was indeed a good option to try. We also tried their noodles with egg which was served beautifully in a different kind of container which tasted equally good as it loooked. Finally finishing off the meal with some classy desert: Trilogy of cheese pops: Well, the first impression took me back to my childhood. Looked like the fancy lollipops. Three flavours namely gulab jamun, gajar halwa and kesar badam were topped to perfection. Flavours were totally felt. Then comes the classic tiramisu. Well the first look surprised me. Expected a cake or pastry but turned out to be in a lovely crispy cone. No doubt the texture and making was too good to luxuriate in. An essence of Kahlua is cherished. We had the most lovely hospitality at this place, no doubt it has turned out to be our favourite one. Had the utmost pleasure of being hosted. Thank you

  • Recommendations: Drinks: Any of their 8 Signature Cocktails (Read to know about them more) Food: Wok Fried Rice With Edamame & VegetablesWok Fried Noodles With Edamame And VegetablesBreaded Green Peas with , Chili & Cheddar FrittersKung Pao Chicken Open Faced Bao BunTriology of Indian Fusion Cheese PopsSizzling Brownie with Whiskey Chocolate Sauce Note: Entry Age is 21+ The theme of the lounge revolves around an era in ancient medieval Chinese history. This lounge is dedicated to Johnnie Walker and is the only one of it's kind in India. You can see a glorious Statue of him right after you enter the lounge. The ambiance of this lounge will make you feel royal starting from the grand entrance door resembling the ancient entrance to a kingdom. With a seating arrangement perfect for a group (of 6-8) or dinner dates along with a Bar counter in center, the place is pretty huge. It turns into a night club post 10 PM which all you party animals shouldn't miss out on. The Era around which the lounge themed about is the one when Alcohol was banned in the Kingdom called Prohibition Era. Though people used to consume it sneakingly. And that's exactly is the concept of Cocktails at this lounge. Everything is hidden right from the Bottles to serving the drinks by draping them in unique ways like in Paper, Saree, or even a Gun Box. Each of the 8 signature Cocktails have a unique story behind. We tried a few of them and were completely mesmerized by the beautiful story behind it. Navari: It was a beautiful concoction of Gin, Guava juice, simple and sour syrup, chatka masala. It not only looked gorgeous but also tasted really good. Karate Master: It was a very unique combination of White Rum, Pineapple Chilli juice, Sesame oil and Vinegar. I have never had a sesame oil and or vinegar in my drink. But balanced proportion made this drink my personal favourite here. Apart from these interesting Cocktails they also have some really good food. The menu comprises of authentic Chinese food, British food specially curated by Chef Jef Fosters from London and in house Indian food which have been given a modern touch. Breaded Green Peas with, Chili & Cheddar Fritters: These were perfectly fried fritters consisting of a mildly spicy mixture of mashed green peas, chilies and cheddar. The balls had a crispy exterior and a soft mushy interior. I throughly relished it along with the tangy dip served with it. Kung Pao Chicken Open Faced Bao Bun: Fluffy soft baos filled with a mixture of Chicken pieces in Kung Pao sauce garnished with roasted cashews and spring onions was really good to taste. Wok Fried Noodles With Edamame And Vegetables: Wok tossed Noodles in soy sauce along with Edamame and other vegetables. I totally loved the slurpy noodles and couldn't stop myself from having it! Pesto, Mushroom, Pine Nuts and Arugula Pizza: It's basically a flat bread slathered with Pesto and loaded with Mushroom, Pine Nuts and Arugula. It had really fresh flavours but I found it to be dry and not enjoyable. Ended our meal with their signature Desserts which not only looked good but tasted utterly amazing. Trilogy of Indian Fusion Cheese Pops: Indian desserts like Gajar ka Halwa, Gulab Jamun and Saffron were mixed with cheese and coated with Dark, Milk and White Chocolate. I have honestly never tried anything like this before. So if you really like to experiment then go for it you might like it as well just like I did. Sizzling Brownie with Whiskey Chocolate Sauce: It was one of the finest brownie I have ever had which was loaded with walnuts. Pour the Whiskey infused Chocolate sauce over it and enjoy the amazing flavors bursting in your mouth. Classic Tiramisu Cones: It consisted of three mini waffle cones layered with a sponge dipped in Kahlua and coffee flavored whipped cream served along with Kahlua in droppers. Food: (3.5/5) Ambience: (5/5) Staff & Service: (4/5) Cost: (3/5)

  • China house lounge is yet another a marvellous location, located in the grand property of Grand Hyatt. This place is an entire story book of its own and everything about it is so astonishing and galvanising. China house lounge is probably the only lounge in Mumbai which is entirely dedicated to Johnnie Walker, a brand of scotch and whiskey that was emanated in the Scottish town of Kilmornock, Scotland. The main theme of the outlet revolves, around the golden Era of the ancient Chinese History, which was also the epoch of Prohibition. The entire Era is perfectly ventilated in their ambiance and their food. Everything has it own unique story. With the beautiful ancient Chinese coins adorned on the entrance that symbolize love and appreciation with which the outlet welcomes you through a huge an marvellous entrance door, which reminds you of the Great Wall of China. China house lounge being the only lounge that is dedicated to Johnnie Walker, the ambiance of the outlet revolves around the same as well. With a huge and spectacular statue of Johnnie Walker located right after the entrance gate, the outlet has also divided their ambiance in the name of Johnnie Walker sections which include, Johnnie walker 1, Johnnie Walker 2, and Johnnie Walker 3, each section being spacious enough to accommodate around 5-6 people. Lit with beautiful dim lighting, China House lounge also has a wonderful bar located right at the centre and a bar table area as well, which further turns into the dance floor post 10pm. Having an interesting and unique story of the Prohibition Era which was also known as ‘No Alcohol Era', the eight signature Cocktails are the highlights of China House Lounge and this is the only reason why the lounge serves their cocktail in a very creative and decoratively covered manner. To start off with the first one was, •The Karate Master. The karate Master is a combination of White Rum, Vinegar, sesame oil and pine apple juice. The cocktail is covered in a sac pouch with the ribbon tied around, depicting the karate uniform of the Master. So the story here is, back in the Era, this legend had mastered in Karate in Ryukyu Kingdom. He was very fond of this Rum based Cocktail but because of the Prohibition Era, he used to cover his drink in a sac and tie it around his waist. The movie Drunken Master is the perfect example and rather a good depiction of this legend. Next on to the list is, •Navari. Guava juice blended with chatka masala and further with Gin. The story behind this is that , “ Long Long ago, back in the prohibition Era once a Chinese Businessman had visited in India particularly in Maharashtra for some business work . This man was given hospitality in a Maharastrian house where the lady was dressed in a traditional Navari Saari ( Indian brand of Saaris). And since it was the period of prohibition Era the man came up with the idea of hiding his favourite Gin based alcohol in a saree and hence the name ‘NAVARI’. •Prawns Spring Rolls. Crispy and succulent prawns served with four different homemade sauces was just as the way I wanted. A perfect dish to start the meal with. Highly recommended. •Wok Fried with Rice and Chicken. Wok fried chicken, furthering tossed with black pepper and Vegetables. An adequate Chinese dish. Moving on the desserts. •The Tiramisu Cones. Never wondered a Tiramisu could be served in this way. Hats off to the creativity and out of box thinking of Chef Vivek here, who handles the entire desserts section of the lounge. Tiramisu stuffed in cone waffle, with the tube filled with coffee syrup on top was indeed a dish to be cherished. Overall, words fall short for describing this place. One needs to experience the beauty of it.

  • Where? China House Lounge, Grand Hyatt Say more... It is newly opened lounge at Grand Hyatt with cocktails taking you back in time and appealing you. It plays commercial music and after 11pm, it turns out to be one of the coolest places where you can spot atleast some celebrity if you are lucky Well, we saw Kapil Dev ! Is it expensive ? Hell hell yes. It's a five star plus a club Is it value for money? I don't know how to answer that question as obviously it is expensive and being a five star the prices are hiked What did we order? Cocktails: Mob Boss White and dark rum, pulpy orange juice, homemade almond syrup Let me narrate you the story behind this Once Mob Boss was on his one of his famous exile in Hong Kong, this exile always made him emotionally low, to gear up his mood and forget his circumstances he preferred gulping dark and white rum, however the era never allowed him to be a peace and sip the rum, he once decided to take a stroll in the gardens of orange a thought struck him that he can enjoy his rum by mixing it in the orange juice and no one will catch hold of him, and this unknowing event created lounge’s most amazing cocktail THE MOB BOSS 2. Navari Gin, Gauva juice, simple and sour syrup, chatka masala And the story behind this The old golden days hospitality meant staying in the houses of the host and not luxury hotels, Navvari is a creation based on the hospitality of a very warm Maharashtrian lady, Once a Chinese businessmen was on his business tour in Mumbai and wanted to relax after long day of meetings and he found a house, where he was astonished to see a lady dressed in the traditional Maharashtrian wear (navari sadi) and offering him the refreshing welcome drink, The business men was craving for his favourite sprit GIN to relax him the moment the welcome drink touched his taste palate a thought with lighting speed struck him that what if the GIN was added to the drink and there he decided to dedicate this cocktail to the hospitality of Maharashtra go local Each cocktail is priced 1200₹ plus taxes Coming to the food, What cuisine? So the good part is they get food from three restaurants they have - Indian, Italian and Chinese cuisine . What did you have ? So I tried the noodles which were slurpy and nice. The mini burgers were good. The tandoor Aloo was roasted perfectly and had that spicy flavour I found the BAOS a bit dry. The vegetarian food was pretty limited. So can't really comment on the whole But the DESSERTS Do have the whisky chocolate brownie. It's so rich in its textures and flavours are so strong that you will crave for more Also the tiramisu cones are crunchy and the peculiar coffee flavour speaks in the dish Say something in one line: Loved the ambience and hospitality and would just end up going there for a hepp night

  • Special Preview of the Johnnie Walker at the China House Lounge. Opens To public on 1st december ( check with the hotel ) Lovely Interiors - has a story behind each wall. Classy/Spacious. High Tables plus one can book their own section ( at a price Obviously ) I think this is the first LOUNGE in India ( Johnnie Walker ) Conceived menu - Signature Cocktails/Classic Cocktails ( Twisted Vintage ) Food Section - Open Faced Bao Bun/Dim Sums ( China House ) Some specialty from China , House speciality & Chef Jef Foster signature Dishes ( London ) Cocktails : ----------- NAVARI - this has a story behind it. Maharashtrian person , anyways It's gin Based with Guava juice and Chatka masala. Tangy Taste. Balance was good. Gave a hit of The Chatka masala. Must order drink. Scents of Fujian - it's ketel one at its best. ( Vodka ) each sip gives that Mint/Vodka/peppermint taste. One would feel it's diluted but that's Ketel One. Old Fashioned - can't go wrong with this Classic. Citrusy touch + Aromatic ( base Whiskey ) Martini - classic will always remain a classic. Perfect Balance of Italian Vermouth and Gordon's Gin plus olives. Coming to Bar Snacks/Food ------------------------------- Mix Mushroom Bao - tasted good. Balance was nice. loved it. Soft. Subtle in taste. Speciality of China - Crispy chilli vegetables ( China House ) baby corn/Lotus Root/Tofu with bean curd and cashew nuts. Taste was subtle. Crunchy. Perfect Nibble with cocktails. Bocconcini Mozzarella and Cherry Tomato confit with Balsamic basil - must try this. Served in a jar. Lovely texture. Freshness at it's best. Nicely balanced. Colourful. NDUJA Pizza - comes from the Italian Kitchen - fantastic. Medium crust. Served hot. Spice level was perfect. ( It's basically Spiced Italian Salami ) anytime for this. Beautiful Texture. Do order. Wok Fried Rice with edamame and vegetables - Carrot/Peas/edamame/caramelised onion. Missing the Punch. Very subtle in taste. Desserts : ---------- Banana Fritters with Baileys and vanilla sauce - this was intersting. Dip the Fritters and enjoy the dessert. Gives you the punch of Baileys. last but not the least Classic Tiramisu Cones - served in waffle ( Cone shape ) loved the texture - balance was amazing. Do order this. Overall - This place when operational would open from 1700 hours till 1.30 am. Pricing may be their USP. Ambiance Classy. All the best and cheers Ps. Service can be a factor. Maybe teething issues. Food Coming from 3 restaurants.

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