Fab Hotel, Munich

Fab Hotel, Munich

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About Fab Hotel, Munich

Fab Hotel is located in Munich, Germany.

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Fab Hotel, Munich Reviews

  • -Modern furniture. -clean place -Nice people at the reception. Special thanks to Annie at the breakfast who did her best to explain and help. -Room and toilet very small -No sofa at the room. -Limited varieties at the breakfast. -Hotel parking limited to 4 cars, but anyway you can park your car on the street side.

  • This is good place. I love breakfast The room is enough for my family

  • Reception staff was very good and helpful. Room is very modern unlike all traditional hotels. Lighting is awesome. Cleanliness also great.. Quality of money was well worth. I'd recommend it to any traveler with or without family.

  • Professional staff, nice room

  • Convenient to reach downtown by public transportation (bus 55 to Ost bahnhof). Parking is available nearby at free.

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