15 Historical Things To Do in Muscat

Muscat city is Oman’s capital city and one of the best places anyone can go on a vacation. It is a city that is rich in history that is exciting and strikingly fascinating. Because of the rich history, no one can resist the desire to know more about Muscat. For everyone who loves history, here are 15 historical things to do in Muscat Oman. These are activities that will make everyone’s stay in Muscat worth every second. By the time the vacation ends, everyone will have so much to say about Muscat and how far it has come from time immemorial. Here is what you can do in Muscat.

Here's the list of 15 best Historical places in Muscat: 

1. Visit The Sultan Qaboos Grand Mosque

Sultan Qaboos Grand Mosque - ImageImage Source: wikipedia.org

This is one of the best places that every tourist has to visit when they come to Muscat. The story of this grand mosque states that Sultan Qaboos ordered the construction of the mosque and the architects started competing to design the grandest mosque and Carilion Alawa LLC got the job. The construction began in 1994 and ended in 2001. For all visitors, the only time to tour the grand mosque is between 8 a.m. and 11 a.m. The mosque is closed to non-Muslims past this time. Ensure that everyone is well covered and they are wearing long skirts and trousers.

Admission: The place is open for everyone, but non-muslims cannot enter past 11 p.m.

2. Learn The History Of Oman At National Museum

This national museum is located opposite the Al Alam Palace. It is a very impressive museum that has a rich history of Oman. There are so many stories to enjoy and traditional Oman artifacts to see. After a tour of this place, everyone will have excellent knowledge and insight into the culture of Oman. The beautiful display of information and the short film make things exciting.

Admission: The museum is open to everyone. The charges are OMR 5, but it can vary.

3. Visit The Bait-Al-Baranda Museum

There is always more to history than what a single museum can showcase. Therefore, everyone must make a point of visiting this museum. Yes, it may be smaller in size, but the information that it contains cannot compare to the size. The collection of the history of Oman in this museum is more than your mind can imagine. There are interactive parts of the museum that takes the fun to a new level.

Admission: The museum is excellent for everyone who is above four years old. Entrance fees apply.

4. Learn About The Oman Natural History At The Natural History Museum

This museum is very informative and an eye-opener. It is an excellent way to now the biodiversity of Oman. Everyone will learn about the kind of animals and insects they can expect to see in Oman as well as their history. Other than animal information, there is also excellent and plentiful information about rock formation. Various rooms display animals, whales, shells, and many other things from the past.

Admission: The museum allows everyone, and the charges are not too much.

5. Learn About Military At Sultan's Armed Forces Museum

This museum is the perfect museum to learn about history. It has simplified the military history by the way it is designed and constructed. One look at the museum and you will have a clear mental picture of the Oman history. The guides of the museum are very knowledgeable of the military history of Oman, and they will guide you through it excellently. The military knowledge that is found here is impressive and educative.

Admission: This museum is excellent for everyone. Everyone needs a ticket, but they do not cost much.

6. Visit The Bait Al Zubair

This specialty museum is excellent. It is a museum that was started by an individual, and that explains the size. It is not as big as compared to other museums. There are only two floors here. The lower floor has clothes, household items, weapons, and historical items. The upper floor has coins and stamps. The place will add to the knowledge that you have of the Omani culture. There is also a gift shop that has excellent items that everyone can buy. A café is also present in case you get hungry along the way.

7. Learn More About Oil And Gas At The Oman Oil And Gas Exhibition Centre

Oil and gas are a vital part of Oman, and therefore everyone has to make an effort to learn all about it. In doing so, they are also learning about the economy of Oman. Other than getting more insight into what makes Oman, you will also be learning more about oil and gas exploration. Therefore, it is beneficial to everyone at a personal level.

Admission: There is no any entrance fee.

8. Bait Adam Museum

No one can be done with Muscat without visiting this lovely museum. The museum opens you up to more of the Omani culture. Bait Adam Museum is a museum that is full of a personal collection that was collected by a great historian. Visitors are always shown around by guides. However, ensure that the owner of the museum or the daughter. They have the best and more in-depth knowledge of the museum. There is a flair that they add to the tour that no one else has.

Admission: This museum is open to everyone but for a small fee.

9. Learn About The Omani French Connection At The Omani

Omani-French museum is a museum like no other in Muscat. The historical museum is not huge, but the information it contains is what makes it stand out. It is a perfect place for everyone to learn about the connection between Omani and French. This specialty museum gathers information contained in documents, photos, and paintings and this information show the diplomatic relationship between Oman and France.

Admission: The museum is open to everyone, but some charges apply.

10. Visit The Al Jalali Fort

This is a fantastic fort that has a lot of stories to ‘tell’ to everyone who cares to know. The fort was built in the 1580s when the Portuguese have occupied the Arab foundations. The access to the fort is through a very steep fleet of stairs. For a long time, it served as a prison, but it is now a heritage of Oman. Anyone can access the fort, but they need a permit from the Ministry of National Heritage and Culture. You can apply for the permit at the ministry’s website.

Admission: It is open to the public, but someone has to obtain a permit first.

11. Go And See The Sohar

Sohar is a boat that has too much history to share as well. One striking thing about this boat is that there is not a single nail that was used to make the boat yet it never fell apart. This boat is named after Ahmed bin Majid’s hometown, and it is a replica of a vessel that was used by Abdullah bin Gaaasm to Guangzhou, China. This was in the mid 8th century. This boat is magnificent.

Admission: No admission fee.

12. Tour The Mutrah Fort

This is yet another fort that no one can fail to visit. It is also a fort that was built by the Portuguese. The fort overlooks Oman’s seaport. The fort is still being used for military engagements. Therefore, tours to the place are highly restricted. Even so, that does not mean that you have no chance of getting a view of the site. From its flanks, you can be able to get some fantastic views.

Admission: The entrance into the fort may be a bit restricted. But more information can be communicated there.

13.  Go For A Hike At Hajjar Mountain

Going for this hike will give you a better view of Muscat. It will also give people a chance to bond and have an excellent time in the ‘wilderness.’ The rock mountain is fantastic and fascinating. While you are at the top of the mountain, you will get a chance to see the old village as well as an oasis on the lower parts. The sight from up this mountain is excellent, and everyone will love it.

Admission: the hike to the Hajjar Mountain is excellent for adults and young adults. It will only stress children.

14. Visit the Ghalya’s museum of modern art

Let not the word ‘modern’ fool anyone. Do not expect to see the latest kind of art in the world. This gorgeous modern art museum showcases the modern history of Omani beautifully. The modern history artifacts that are present here depict the Omani’s way of life and their exceptional culture. It is a hidden gem!

Admission: The museum is open to everyone for a small fee.

15. Visit the Mohammed Al Ameen Mosque

The golden domes are the most noticeable thing about this mosque. It is not as grand as the Al Qaboos Mosque, but it is a charming place. Ensure that you get a glimpse of the mosque at night when the mosque is lit up in blue and gold. You will never wish to leave the mosque. This mosque is less crowded and is also open to visitors from Sunday to Thursday from 8 a.m. to 11 p.m.

Admission: No entrance fee.

These are the historical places in Muscat that everyone has to visit. These historical activities will keep everyone occupied and entertained.

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  1. Sultan Qaboos Grand Mosque

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    Sultan Qaboos Grand Mosque

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    Address: Sultan Qaboos Grand Mosque, Bawshar Wilayat

    Timings: 08:30 am - 11:30 am Details

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  2. Al Alam Palace

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    Al Alam Palace

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  3. Riyam Park Monument

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    Riyam Park Monument

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  4. Nakhal Fort

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    Nakhal Fort

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