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Aeolos Mykonos Hotel, Mykonos Reviews

  • We stayed at Aeolos for 8 days and loved every minute. Panos and his staff treated us like family and made our stay here one of the highlights of our 5 week holiday. The rooms are fantastic and we loved the cocktails while hanging out by the pool. Can’t wait to go back

  • I really loved the hotel it is nice, clean and close to the town. My friends and I had a great experience there and most importantly, the Staff are so AMAZING and so friendly. I recommend this hotel to all who are looking for a nice place to stay at Mykonos. I will surely visit them again!

  • Didn't appreciate how awesome this place was till we left! Everyone working at Aeolos truly cared about our stay. They were extremely helpful. Free airport shuttle was very nice. Loved the shower in our room. Would definitely come back again!

  • Lots of love from India. Great hotel, swimming pool and rooms. But what's unique here is that you will feel at home. These guys make it happen. They really care and go that extra mile for our comfort. 😍

  • Am I the first guest to find this place unclean? After a wonderful week in a spotless Santorini Hotel (3 stars), we arrived with high hopes at Aelolos, having read the many glorious reviews. The owner is lovely, if slightly overfamiliar. Certainly all the staff are exceptionally nice and go out of their way to be helpful. But the place is not clean: the pool contains brown residue on the walls, the pool drain is made of two loose grilles placed on top of a big hole (probably not safe for children), and there were dirty tissues and plastic pieces close to the pool (I took some photos, not posting them for politeness sake). Our feet got black whenever walking barefoot in the hotel room and there was a leaky, rusty toilet brush holder from hell. Despite the many amazing reviews, we cannot have been the only guests to notice, there were up to 20 people lying around the pool in the heat, but less than 5 persons spent less than 5 minutes in the pool all day. The breakfast does not always appear fresh with insects on the glasses one day and food residue on a knife. It’s quite far from town, too, but that would be totally manageable if it wasn’t for the grime.

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