Events and Festivals in Mykonos

  • Mykonos Summer Festival: The festival takes place in the summer season and adds a charm to the already existing lively atmosphere and wild parties in Mykonos. The festival takes place during the summer months and boasts exciting events, theatrical performances, open-air concerts, exhibitions and numerous artists from around the world representing their customs. The festival attracts thousands of visitors from across the globe and is one of the most famous festivals in Greece.
  • Harvest Festival (September): During the windy fall season of Mykonos, the annual Harvest festival takes place. The exciting festival is held at the Mykonos Agricultural Museum and boasts different types of livestock, traditional crops, traditional animal games, activities and events.
  • Gay Festival: The annual Gay Festival held in Mykonos Island is a major festival promoting homosexuality and their rights. It is a major festival and attracts gay visitors from across the world.
  • Religious Festivals: There are different types of religious festivals that take place in Mykonos Island and have now become a major part of its tradition and vibrant culture. Some of these festivals include the great religious feast in Ano Mera village, at Panagia Tourliani Church which is held on the 15th of August. On July 26, there is a celebration of the Agia Paraskevi and on 30th June, there is feast dedicated to Agioi Apostoloi.

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