How to Reach Mykonos

Getting In

  • By Air: There are a number of direct flights to Mykonos as it is a very popular destination. If you cannot find a direct flight to Mykonos, you can pick a flight to Athens. Many local airlines in Athens have a 25-minute flight to Mykonos which is easy to find. Booking in advance is the best though to avoid last minute spoilers.
  • By Sea: There are a number of ferries and high speed vessels that can even carry your vehicles if any. The largest ports of Athens -Pireaus and Rafina will take you to Mykonos in about 5.5 hours and 4.5 hours by ferry respectively. The high speed vehicles will reduce this time to almost 3 and 2 hours respectively. Also, the Aegean islands are interconnected by Sea route, so it won’t be difficult to find a ferry to Mykonos. Also, the sea trip will be a sublime experience!

Getting Around

  • By Bus: The public transport is the easiest and cheapest transport to roam around Mykonos. The bus tickets can be taken prior to the journey from the ticket vending machines on the bus station, kiosks and mini-markets. You can also buy a ticket after you have boarded the bus. The buses have higher frequency in the tourist season.
  • By Taxi: There are only about 30 taxis in Mykonos, so finding a taxi won’t be that easy. You might have to patiently wait in the queue to get one but thankfully the prices are reasonable.
  • By Boat: You can hop onto all the southern beaches (which are the best, by-the-way) by a boat service which is cheaply available. But there are timing restrictions for the return trip which is undesirable during the party time.
  • By Car or a motorbike: Spread along the length of 12 to 15 kms, getting around by a hired vehicle is the best pick. Cars are not allowed in the town, so you have to park them at the parking spot just before the town. The motorbikes and cycles are a cool way to explore the island on the go. They are cheaply and readily available, easy to park anywhere and swifter to get around the little town.