Events and Festivals in Mysore

The city of Mysore celebrates Dussehra like no other city in the country. The 10 day long celebrations are patronized by the royal Wodeyar family of Mysore. The city sees ten days of music and dance performances, elaborate rituals and colorful processions. The Mysore Palace is lit up and opened to the people to get a view of the palace from close quarters. The entire city takes part in all the festivities with fervor and enthusiasm. Dussehra in Mysore is an enchanting affair for sure!

Ugadi is the New Year which is celebrated in April by the Kanadigas is also one of the major events in Mysore. It sees the same zeal and religious commitment by all. Besides these festivals, the city also celebrates Ganesh Chaturthi, Id, Christmas, Sankrant, etc with a lot of enthusiasm.

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