How to Reach Nagaoka


  • By Train: Nagaoka Station: Receives trains from Tokyo, Koriyama, Sakata, Nagano, Kanazawa, and Osaka.
  • By Bus: It's a 4 hour journey from Tokyo to NagaokaKita(North); 9 hour journey from Osaka to Nagaoka Station.
  • By Car: Nagaoka can also be driven down from Tokyo, Koriyama, Nagano, Kanazawa, and Osaka.


  • By Bus: Local buses ply out of Nagaoka Station, leaving from various platform exits. It's a little difficult to figure it out online, but one easy trick is to call your destination and ask them which bus to take. They will know. Carry exact change; get change from machine by the driver.
  • By Car: Renting your own car to get around will allow you to sidestep most language barriers, if that's a problem.
  • By Taxi: Taxis are generally easily available, but it's a good idea to keep a driver or two's phone number. Or a taxi company phone number.
Route Distance Time
Tsubame to Nagaoka 19.29 km 19 mins
Minamiuonuma to Nagaoka 25.24 km 25 mins
Niigata to Nagaoka 44.42 km 44 mins
Shibata to Nagaoka 67.83 km 1 hour 7 mins
Myoko to Nagaoka 75.13 km 1 hour 15 mins
Honcho to Nagaoka 173.77 km 2 hours 53 mins
Tokyo to Nagaoka 176.06 km 2 hours 56 mins
Chiba to Nagaoka 213 km 3 hours 33 mins
Jakarta to Nagaoka 4227.14 km 70 hours 27 mins
Singapore to Nagaoka 4261.21 km 71 hours 1 mins