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Outside of a few main attractions, Nagaoka does not have anything unique to offer to a visitor. There is a gigantic public park, the Echigo Hillside Park, which is nice; a lovely cherry tree park, which is great in spring; and a decent aquarium. Other than these it's mostly a bunch of historical shrines closely connected to the city and the prefecture, museums and memorials dedicated to the city's history. An unexpected find is the city's museum dedicated to the damage in WWII from the Allied firebombing efforts. If anything else is a surprise at all, it's the utterly random dude ranch and alpaca farm a little way out of the city. What an unexpected sight! Also outside the town is a sweet little confectionary workshop that actually sells you Japanese confection making tools and also the technical knowhow on using them. During winter, it snows quite heavily, so the city becomes a destination for skiers. While nightlife spots and shopping opportunities exist, they are nothing to write home about. Finally, the city has a number of hot springs and natural mineral baths, almost all of which are tied up to a hotel or another.

Below we have a list of things to do in Nagaoka and the places where you want to spend the best moments of your trip. At the same time, the city offers you the best neighborhoods to explore and new foods to try.

This list should help you in deciding and prioritizing what you should plan on your Nagaoka getaway. Find a mix of must-see tourist spots, underrated local hangouts, and maybe even a few new experiences you can try out.

Make the most of your trip to Nagaoka with confidence.

Tourist Attractions in Nagaoka

Here is the list of things to do in Nagaoka and tourist attractions in city.

  1. Echigo Hillside Park

    4.3 (83 Votes)
    Echigo Hillside Park

    Outdoors, Park, Observatory, Entertainment

    This massive hillside park has everything. Here's a quick summary of its facilities. The playground facilities include wooden structures, bounce pits, musical fountain, amphitheatre, a burnt grass sculpture, a grass, a huge grass lawn. There is a rock garden laid out to mirror the milky way; multiple flower viewing gardens and promenades; a barbeque area, atrium, and rest house; there is a conf...Read more
  2. Admiral Isoroku Yamamoto Memorial Museum

    Museum, Memorial, War Memorial, Exhibition

    During WWII, Isoroku Yamamoto was the Japanese Marshal Admiral and the commander-in-chief of the Combined Fleet, and in charge of major offensives such as Pearl Harbour. This museum traces his life, his achievements, his beliefs and his stances on the war in seven exhibits. Various memorabilia from his life, including letters, portraits, a part of the plane he was killed in, his favourite Japan...Read more
  3. Ao-re Nagaoka

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    Ao-re Nagaoka

    Architecture , Heritage Building, Hall

    City halls tend to be grand looking but boring places, stately buildings where the governing is done and from where civilians usually stay away. Notso here. When constructing Ao-re, the architect KengoKuma had a very definitive aim in mind: to create a meeting place for citizens in an warm and inviting ambience. To this end, rather than use traditional brick and mortar, they made used of local ...Read more
  4. Teradomari Aquarium

    Aquarium, Exhibition

    About 10000 animals representing 400 exotic marine species are housed in this Museum. There are three floors. First floor: The loggerhead turtle, the marin girl migratory fish, tropical fish in coral ecosystems, archer fish and giant crabs. Second Floor: Moon jellyfish, stuffed sea lion, petting pool (starfish and sea cucumbers) and everyone's favourite - the Magellan penguins. The T...Read more
  5. Niigata Prefectural Museum Of Modern Art

    Art And Culture, Art Museum, Garden, Sculpture

    You are greeted into this museum by eight beautiful garden sculptures outdoors. Inside, the museum has a lovely collection of art dating from the Taiko period, which is the expanded upon by collections of modern Japanese art from the 20th century, particularly the works of BakusenTsuchida and Misao Yokoyama. Additionally, the museum also collects western style artwork that bears close resemblan...Read more
  6. Eguchi Dumpling Head Office

    Specialty Shop

    A 20 minute drive out of Nagaoka takes you to a curious little confectionary shop beside the highway, in a repurposed farmhouse. They basically sell and serve tea and sweetened sticky rice dumplings. It's a huge hit. The regionl specialty is something called a 'sasadango' and it is wrapped in bamboo leaves. For for a fee and a booking, you can actually get a lesson on how to make your own dumpl...Read more
  7. Nagaoka War Damage Exhibit Hall

    War Memorial, Exhibition , Hall

    It is said that the Niigata area was the third of the sites designated to be bombed by nuclear weapons after Hiroshima and Nagasaki in WWII, but the country surrendered before the plan could be carried out. However, the city was extensively firebombed, and much of it was destroyed. This unassuming looking exhibition, presented over two floors, exhibits artefacts from the bombing period such as ...Read more
  8. Kawai Tsuginosuke Memorial

    Military Museum, Memorial

    This museum focuses on the life and exploits of Tsuginosuke Kawai, who was the last military commander of Nagaoka during the end of the Edo Period. He is still held in high regard here for his compassion and his humanity. He led his forces against and the Meiji military and lost. At this museum you'll find his family crest, flag, a gattling gun replica that was used in the battle that led to vi...Read more
  9. Yukyuzan Park

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    Yukyuzan Park

    Outdoors, Park, Walking Area, Leisure

    How can any decent Japanese town be complete without the obligatory cherry tree park? With 2500 trees waiting to bloom in spring, the park also provides other recreational amenities such as a pool, a baseball field, a Japanese Garden, three small shrines, and playgrounds. The grounds tend to be lively with little animals and birds. There is even a small, free animal enclosure. Within the park a...Read more
  10. Yamakoshi Alpaca Farm


    People often mistake Alpaca for sheep or llama, but they are actually more closely related to camels. For some reason, there are Alpacas at this cute little hill ranch in Nagooka, even though their natural habitat in is Peru, South America. These little fellas came over from Colorado. They are apparently the main reason this little village now gets visitors. You can buy alpaca themes items like...Read more
  11. Niigata Prefectural Museum Of History

    History Museum, Exhibition

    You should start your Nagaoka tour here, where the history of the city and the prefecture is so beautifully told. It puts everything into context, including anthropology, archaeology, and folklore - 30000 years worth of history. The main exhibits are: Diorama of Niigata in a 1950s winter. Making Rice: The history of rice cultivation from the Edo period to now. World of the Jomon: Dioramas of t...Read more
  12. Hotokusaninari Taisha Shrine

    Religious Site, Temple

    This shrine surprises all visitors by sheer virtue of its size. Once in the spring, and once in the fall, people from all over the country come to pray here, at it is known as the candle of the Inarii. People pray for all sorts of things - good harvest, family health, romantic success, exorcising, national peace of evil - this is quite a busy deity. The history of the shrine is said to date bac...Read more
  13. Koryu Shrine

    4.5 (81 Votes)
    Koryu Shrine

    Religious Site, View Point, Hill, Nature

    After you've driven to the hill, 118 steps remain to be climbed to take you to the shrine, where people come to pray for business prosperity. It's a steep climb, but there is an elevator nearby. From the top, the view is quite beautiful, mountains on three sides, and a river coursing along the bottom. You're not allowed to access the inner shrine though. After you're done admiring the views, th...Read more
  14. Yukiguni Garden Park

    Park, Botanical Garden, Nature

    Established to help preserve and exhibit the best of the natural beauty of the hilly snow country, this garden is a marvel of natural landscaping techniques. Now it is a place of naturally growing wild-flowers, flocks of birds, and summer nights when fireflies dance an enchanting dance. IT is a vast park and a lovely place for a stroll in nearly any season.