Events and Festivals in Nagasaki, Japan

Events and Festivals in Nagasaki


Nagasaki hosts a number of festivals during the year that catch international visitors at unawares.


The beginning of October is a popular time for festivals, and in Nagasaki, it’s one of the best times of the year. This is one the country’s most renowned festivals, and Nagasaki’s largest. The parades’ floats are wonderfully enormous, and the streets come alive with food vendors.

Lantern Festival

In January and February the Chinese residents of Nagasaki put on a show of lanterns throughout the city to celebrate their Lunar New Year.


Celebrated in all of Japan, O-Bon festivities in Nagasaki are particularly raucous and fun, with fireworks and booze flowing in the harbour area until early morning hours. It takes place in August.


Iojima beaches

From Nagasaki’s harbour boats leave and fifteen minutes later arrive at Iojima. The small island boasts wonderful beaches, and creates a stark contrast to the rest of the day spent in the big city. Included in the boat ticket price is a visit to the island hotel’s hot springs to clean off the salts and sands.

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