Events and Festivals in Nagoya-shi, Japan

Events and Festivals in Nagoya-shi


  • Honen Matsuria: A fertility and harvest festival on March 15 at Tagata Shrine in Komaki. Enjoy the parade and the free sake.


  • Atsuta Festival: One of the city’s most important festivals. Religious rites, martial arts competitions, and street performances. Fireworks in the evening. Do not leave off your vacation travel itinerary planner.


  • Minato (Port) Festival: Third Monday each July. Check out the water-logging contest and the street dance with over a thousand performers.


  • Nagoya Castle Summer Festival: Held in the evenings, when it’s not so hot. Enjoy the Bon Festival dance, Noh theatre, and bonfires.


  • Nagoya Matsuri: Held in the middle of the month in the central Hisaya Ã…Œdori Park in Sakae. It’s a costumed historical procession parade with a band


  • Omisoka (New Years Eve): The day to shrug off old evils and welcome in the New Year. Spend it with the locals.

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