How to Reach Nagoya


  • By Air: 
    • Chubu Centrair International Airport is on an artificial island offshore, and connects to Nagoya via the Meitetsu Airport Line. Trains depart at the minimum every 30 minutes. This now serves all international and most domestic flights.
    • Nagoya Airport: Regional flights by J-Air, are practically the only one using this airport now, north of the city. Shuttle buses leave for Nagoya every 28 minutes
  • By Train: The Tokaido Shinkansen route connects Nagoya to Tokyo (1 hour 40 minutes), Osaka (53 minutes), Gifu, Kyoto (36 minutes), Hamamatsu and Shizuoka, and other further destinations. The Puratto Kodama Ticket offers slower but cheaper service.
  • By Bus: Nagoya is well connected to many destinations throughout the mainland via the bus operators Willer Express, JR Bus, Meitetsu Bus and the Meishin Highway Bus Line.
  • By Boat: The Taiheiyo Ferry will ferry cars overnight to southern Hokkaido to the ports of Sendai and Tomakomai from the Nagoya Ferry Terminal.


  • By Subway: Though not the cheapest or most comprehensive way to get around, the public transport is decent enough. There are 6 lines, color coded red (SakuradÃ…ri), purple (Meijo and Meiko), yellow (Higashiyama), blue (Tsurumaii) and pink (Kamiida). Make sure you remember each station has multiple exits, and that you need to leave from the correct ones. Download a Nagoya subway travel guide from online.
  • By Car: Rent a car at your own peril, because unless you have an excellent GPS tool, and/or a great understanding of the language, you’re going to get hopelessly confused. Spend some serious time studying the maps and the rules before you take to the road.
  • By Taxi: If you’re up to sharing rides, taxis are the easiest way to get around in Nagoya. The base fare takes you a base distance of 1.3km, and that’s usually more than enough for most of your needs, especially if you have a well planned itinerary.