15 Best Things To Do in Nagpur, India

Nagpur is one of the famous cities of India existing with its own tradition and culture. It is one of the biggest cities and the winter capital of the state of Maharashtra. The city is also famous for growing delicious oranges and for that reason the city is also called the Orange city of India. The city bears a historical value of more than 2000 years and the traces are spread all over the city and offers many tourist attractions. The city Nagpur is ready to welcome the worldwide tourists with its vibrant nature and traditional culture. One can experience the holy places like Adasa Ganapati temple, Deekshabhoomi, Shri Ram Temple, Balaji Kartikeya Temple etc; the historic place like Sitabuldi Fort, wildlife sanctuaries like Nagzira Wildlife Sanctuary, Tadoba National Park in Nagpur. Here we discuss best places to visit in Nagpur so that one can have a fair idea about how to plan a vacation for Nagpur.

Let's explore the tourist attractions and 15 best things to do in Nagpur:

1. The ancient Adasa Ganapati temple is the pilgrim attraction of Nagpur

Adasa Ganapati temple, Nagpur - ImagePhoto: wikimedia.org

The Adasa Ganapati temple is 4000 years old temple situated in the small village Adasa in Nagpur. The single stone made Ganapati statue is 12 feet in height and 7 feet in breadth. The temple is considered as one of Vidarbha’s eight Ashta Vinayak. The surroundings of the temple are serene with pictorial greenery.

2. Deekshabhoomi is the Buddhist monument with architectural excellence

The Deekshabhoomi is a stupa or monument with architectural beauty and it is the biggest stupa in entire Asia. Deekshabhoomi literally means the Buddhist ordained taking place. There is a white marble statue of Lord Buddha inside it. This serene place is excellent for meditation. It is one of the main attractions of Nagpur tourism.

3. The hilltop located Sitabuldi Fort is a memorial with historic appeal

Sitabuldi fort, Nagpur - ImagePhoto: wikimedia.org

The Sitabuldi Fort is a famous tourist spot of Nagpur. It is the place of the war of Sitabuldi situated on the hilltop behind the Tekdi Ganapati temple. Now it is the residence of Indian Army and the adjacent area is now the main business center of the city.

4. Shri Ram Temple of Ramtek is a must visit holy place of Nagpur

The ram temple of Ramtek is a 400 years old historic temple of lord Rama. The temple is made by the king Raghuji Bhonsale. Tek in local language is called promise or oath. It is believed that any promise or oath taken in Ramtek is always fulfilled. It is believed that the writer Kalidas wrote Meghdootum on the Ramtek hill. The view of the Nagpur city from Ramtek is really gorgeous.

5. The Futala Lake is located at the edge of Nagpur with its spectacular panorama

Attractions in Nagpur - ImagePhoto: wikimedia.org

The Futala Lake is a good place to visit and have a stroll around the lake with friends and family. It is a broad lake with an area of 60 acres. Evening is the best time to visit the place.

6. The largest Ambazari Lake of Nagpur is famous tourist spot with spectacular panorama

The Ambazari Lake of Nagpur is one of the best tourist spot of Nagpur with spectacular scenic beauty. The huge lake is encircled by the mango trees and garden. Because of these mango trees the lake and the garden are called Ambazari Lake and Ambazari garden. There is a beautiful light and sound water amusement facility and also the boating facility which attract huge tourists to this lake.

7. Jama Mosque is the biggest and most popular mosque in Nagpur

Jama mosque, Nagpur - ImagePhoto: wikipedia.org

The Jama Mosque is the biggest mosque in Nagpur located in Maminpura. Mahimpura is the market place in Nagpur. Jama Masjid is enclosed by large number of hotels, restaurants and shops. Masjid Ghareeb Nawaz is another mosque located in Mahimpura.

8. Dragon Palace Temple an unique piece architectural value

The Dragon Palace Temple of Nagpur is one of the most famous Buddhist temples. This temple is located in place Kamptee. The palace is made with highly skilled architecture and the surroundings of the temple have appealing scenery. The intrinsic architectural value of temple made the palace a top tourist attraction in Nagpur.

9. Ram Dham is one of the most entertaining theme park of Nagpur

Ram Dham is a cultural and religious theme tourism park in Nagpur. It is located on the road of Ramtek which is 35 kilometers away from the Nagpur city. There is an amazingly beautiful structure of the biggest Om all over the world and it is a record in Limca Book of Records. The Rajasthani folk dances, many magic shows, puppet shows and the light and sound shows are repeatedly taken place here. The park is a green park as it is fully decorated and covered by the greenery. It is the only agricultural tourism park of the central India.

10. The Zero Mile signifies Nagpur as the center of India

Zero Mile Nagpur - ImagePhoto: wikimedia.org

Zero Mile is a tourist spot in Nagpur with a great significance. Nagpur is situated on the equator and geographically it is the midpoint of India. In colonial period the British government started to measure distance of all places in all four directions considering Nagpur as a center point in the Trigonometric Survey of 1907. In the monument of Zero point, 3 things are there. Sandstone made pillar, a small stone which indicates the benchmark of standard GST and four horses. For this geographical importance, this Zero Mile became a major tourist spot.

11. Mihan Cargo Hub is the biggest ongoing project of Nagpur for developing India

The MIHAN or Multi-modal International Cargo Hub and Airport at Nagpur is one of the most important and expensive project of India in progress. This project is for transforming the centrally located Nagpur airport in an import cargo hub incorporating the rail and road connectivity. There are two parts of this project, transforming the airport to cargo hub and the Special Economic Zone.

12. Maharajbagh Zoo is one of the most renowned zoo and tourist attraction of Nagpur

The most famous zoo in Nagpur is the Maharajbagh Zoo. It is located at the center of the Nagpur city. This zoo is constructed on the Bhonsle and Maratha garden. It is one of the most attractive tourist spot of the Nagpur city. The Central Zoo Authority (CZA) of India is responsible for the management of this zoo whereas the Panjabrao Deshmukh Krishi Vidyapeeth is doing the maintenance of this zoo. There are varieties of animal-like tigers, lions, deer, peacocks etc in the zoo. The adjacent garden which is called Maharajbagh garden, transformed to a botanical garden which is full of herbs and plants. This Maharajbagh Zoo and garden are the most popular picnic and tourist spot for the visitors.

13. Nagzira Wildlife Sanctuary is the most beautiful forest of Maharastra

Nagzira Wildlife Sanctuary is one of the best forests in the district Maharashtra. This forest is full of spectacular greenery, abundant vegetation and spectacular landscape to enjoy. The forest is home to numerous birds, fishes, insects, amphibians and mammals. Several wild animals like tiger, wild dog, panther, bear and other different kind of wild animals are spotted in the forest. About 30,000 tourists come every year to enjoy the wild life of the forest.

14. Tadoba National Park is the star attraction for the adventurous tourists

Tadoba Andhari Tiger national park is the most tourist attracted place of Nagpur. It is huge in size, around 625.40 sq. km. This Tadoba Andhari Tiger national park is in Chandrapur district of Maharashtra. It is created in the year 1995. The Tadoba Andhari Tiger national park is very popular because the large numbers of tigers reside here. There are almost 88 tigers reside in Tabora. Other than tiger, there are lots of other animals, such as bear, leopards, gaur, crocodiles etc. Apart from the common animals, there are many rare species of animals inside the dense forest of Tadoba. The name of this national park Tadoba came from the Tadoba Lake inside the forest and the name of the local god ‘Taru’.

The most attraction for the tourists of this Tadoba Andhari Tiger national park is the jungle safari. There are top open bus and jeeps in which they can go inside the forest along with trained guide and guard. Other than monsoon, tourist can plan a trip for this Tadoba Andhari Tiger national park any time of the year.

15. The Nagpur Oranges and the special delicacies of Nagpur attract the food lovers

Nagpur is famous for its oranges and for this reason it is called the ‘Orange City’ of India. There is a huge cultivating area or orange garden where orange is grown and there is also the biggest market of orange in Nagpur. The oranges of Nagpur are not only traded inside the country but it also exported to the foreign countries.

The authentic cuisine of Nagpur is called Sahoji or Varhadi cuisine. The Sahoji Halwa and various food products made of oranges are very famous in Nagpur.

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