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Namibia Overview

The name of the country of Namibia is derived from the Namib Desert, considered to be the oldest desert in the world. Erstwhile part of South Africa, Namibia gained formal independence as a nation in 1990 after decades of struggle. With a total area of 835,000 sq. kilometers, the coastline with the Atlantic Ocean and the desert combine to create a unique natural habitat in Namibia. So, your Namibia travel guide will include jungle safari for a thrilling encounter with cheetahs of the region.

Visa Application Process of Namibia

The citizens of many foreign nationalities are exempted from requiring a Namibia visa for tourism visits. The updated list may be referred to in the official website of Namibian Consulate. The passport should be valid for 90 days from the date of departure from the country. All other people traveling to Namibia must apply through the nearest Namibian Consulate and wait for approval. Yellow fever vaccination for all travelers is also mandatory.

The Best Time for Planning a Trip to Namibia

The country of Namibia has a variety of tourist interests, so the best time to visit Namibia usually depends upon what you want to experience here. The weather is quite calm and pleasant temperatures prevail all round the year. The atmosphere is fresh and generally dry in April and May, making the landscapes clean and beautiful. The rainy season starts from the month of November; this is the best time to experience the wildlife in Namibia.

Best Tourism Points of Interest in Namibia

Going on a jungle safari in the Etosha National Park is one of the top things to do in Namibia. The salt flats of this park are breeding grounds for flamingoes, also hornbills, owls, eagles and ostriches form the local bird population. Lions, elephants and black rhinos are the mainland animals found here.  Among other best places to visit in the Namibia, The Skeleton Coast, Swakopmund and Walvis Bay will let you experience the seaside and beach life, while the Kalahari stretch will show you the desert and let you meet the indigenous “San Bushmen” tribe.

Transport Mediums in Namibia

The main public transport in Namibia is the 15-seater mini bus. This is a great way to explore the country and mingling with the locals if you have ample time. Otherwise, a rented vehicle is your solution of how to reach Namibia tourist destinations. You can avail shared sedans in major cities; also meter taxis are available for hire. The TransNamib Train Service runs through some regions of the countries. Also, there is luxury bus service available between major cities.

Local Food and Places to Stay in Namibia

The”Potjie Kos" is the local favorite dish; it consists of meat or vegetables prepared for 3-4 hours over an open fire in a cast-iron pot. ‘Braaivleis’, the local name for barbecue and ‘Biltong’, meat dried for 2-3 weeks are the other favorite meat dishes. Mopane Worm is an exotic dish prepared from fried caterpillars. The Onguma Bush Camp in the Etosha National Park or Luderitz Nest Hotel by the sea, are ideal lodgings for a vacation in Namibia.

These pertinent pieces of information will help to plan a memorable holiday in the beautiful country of Namibia.

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