How to Reach Nancy


  • By Air: Metz-Nancy-Lorraine Airport, a regional airport that operates flights from Lyon, Toulouse and other regions of Mediterranean coast is situated 30kms North of Nancy. The city can be reached from the airport through taxis or Shuttles. The closest international airport is in Findel Airport in Luxembourg (1 hr 30 min drive).
  • By Train: Nancy has two major train stations Gare de Nancy Ville (Located in the heart of the city) and Gare Lorraine-TGV (Located 20km away). Gare de Nancy Ville has services of both TGV (National) and TER (Regional) trains from various places like Paris, Strasbourg, Luxembourg, Lyon and Dijon.Gare Lorraine-TGV has high speed trains to Paris, Strasbourg, Bordeaux and Lille. The city can be reached through taxi and shuttle services.
  • By Car: The city is can be accessed through roadways to various regions. Metz and Luxembourg via A31 motorway towards North. Dijon, Paris and Lyon via A31 towards West. Strasbourg via A33/D400Epinal via N57.
  • By Bus: Euroline operates bus services to Nancy that usually stop at the Porte Sainte-Catherine, near the marina.
  • By Boat: Nancy can be reached by crossing Canal de la Marne au Rhin through boats and peniches.


  • On Foot: Nancy can be easily toured on Foot as the city is small and many streets are pedestrian friendly.
  • By Tram: The city has a single tramway route that connects different parts of the city. They run from 5AM to 12PM and the tickets must be bought at vending machines. Try to avoid tramways during rush hours as it might be crowded.
  • By Bus: Buses run in the city from 6:00 am to 9:00 pm. Tickets can be bought on board for EUR 1.50 valid for one hour.
  • By Cycle: The city has a bike rental service known as VelOstan. The one day ticket costs Free for first 30 minutes, EUR 1 for 30 to 60 minutes, then EUR 2 every 30 min. whereas the 7 day ticket costs EUR 2 with same rules applied.
  • By Car: Usage of cars is highly discouraged inside the city. So, avoid them as much as possible. But in case you need to travel around, there are underground car parks available.
  • By Taxi: Taxis de Nancy and Taxi ServiTrans 54 are the taxi services available in Nancy. The fares of these are generally fixed by the authorities.