Best Things To Do in Naples, Italy

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  • Castel Nuovo: Home to the municipal museum, the castle dates back to the 19th century and looks straight out of a fairy tale. 
  • Santa Chiara Church: A Gothic church dating back to the 14th century, this is one of the most prettiest buildings of Naples.
  • Piazza Del Plebiscito: A local landmark and a popular venue for open air performances
  • The National Archaeological Museum Of Naples: Housing the best collection of artefacts from the Greek and ROman Era.
  • Duomo Cathedral: Dating back to 570 AD, this is one of the most beautiful structures of Naples and serves as the primary church to the city.
  • Teatro San Carlo (San Carlo Theater): Built in 1737, The San Carlo Theater is characterized by its excellent acoustics and beautiful architecture. For lovers of opera, this theater is the ultimate experience, with its massive stage and six level seating.
  • Grandoni Di Chiaia: This is an unusual and somewhat imposing street that was built in the 1870s. The street is so steep that it necessitated the building of steps to help people get to the top. Tall 19th century town houses line the street, which leads visitors to the San Caterina di Siena church.Piazza Matteotti In this square you will find a combination of some of Naples’ most important buildings, such as the modern, curving post office.

Hangouts & Nightlife

  • The Lake House Bar & Grill: This is a relaxed venue where you can enjoy light dining accompanies by casual outdoor cocktails. Try the sweet potato fries!
  • The Sea Witch: This bar caters to a variety of age groups. The atmosphere is casual and great entertainment is provided in summer.  It is actually a good entertainment area to be.
  • The Ritz: This club is sophisticated and upscale, but this doesn’t mean that you can’t have fun and the dance floor here is always packed with partiers (often adorned with unbelievable diamonds!). It’s worth going here just to people watch, but if you are a person who loves dancing, this could be the place you want to be.

Below we have a list of things to do in Naples and the places where you want to spend the best moments of your trip. At the same time, the city offers you the best neighborhoods to explore and new foods to try.

This list should help you in deciding and prioritizing what you should plan on your Naples getaway. Find a mix of must-see tourist spots, underrated local hangouts, and maybe even a few new experiences you can try out.

Make the most of your trip to Naples with confidence.

Tourist Attractions in Naples

Here is the list of things to do in Naples and tourist attractions in city.

  1. Sansevero Chapel Museum

    4.7 (3373 Votes)
    Sansevero Chapel Museum

    Art And Culture, Art Museum, Church, Religious Site

    The Sansevero Chapel has been turned into a beautiful Museum. Home to some really amazing objects of art, the chapel itself is quite striking looking. There is a lot to see here so do make sure to plan accordingly. Located on Via Franscesco, it is quite a popular touristic site. The sculpture of the Veiled Christ is definitely not to be missed. The sculpture is that of Jesus Christ after his C...Read more
  2. Church Of Gesu Nuovo

    4.7 (1101 Votes)
    Church Of Gesu Nuovo

    Church, Religious Site

    There’s a reason this church's ashlar diamond projections facade looks nothing like a church. Built in 1470 for Roberto Sanseverino, the Prince of Salerno, the church used to be a palace until it was sold to the Jesuits in the 1580s. There’s been a lot of conspiracy talk about the meaning of the symbols that decorate the diamonds - these were later found to be archaic Aramaic music...Read more
  3. Spaccanapoli

    Art And Culture, Church, Religious Site, Landmark

    Walking through Piazza San Domenico Maggiore you will find a road known as the Spaccanapoli. The name “Spaccanapoli” implies a road that divides the old locality of Naples. In the ancient times Neapolis the old Greek City of Naples used to be located here. The same narrow alleys can be found in the street which still carries the history of the ancient times. This street is one of t...Read more
  4. Via Toledo

    Cafe, Restaurant, Leisure, Market

    Via Toledo (street), the shopping paradise of Naples was earlier known as the Via Roma. Known to be the longest shopping streets it is where the travelers can find numerous boutiques, the departmental stores and the stores of the chains. Chic and cutting edge, the fashion here may be expensive but no travel is complete without some window shopping is it? Located in a pedestrian area the place ...Read more
  5. Parco Archeologico Pausilypon

    Archaeological Site

    This ancient Roman archaeological site was founded by Publius Vedius Pollio, a Roman equestrian infamous for self-indulgence and deadly cruelty to his slaves. Here he built a villa, a theatre, a nymph and a spa. Other structures and houses are also scattered around the complex. In its heydey it was known as one of the Roman world’s most luxurious neighborhoods. The highlights are: Grotta...Read more
  6. Catacombe Di San Gaudioso

    4.7 (889 Votes)
    Catacombe Di San Gaudioso

    Historical Site

    Under the heavily populated district of the Stella district are an ancient necropolis. There has been a gravesite here since the 5th century BC, but the current name comes from St. Gaudiosus, who was interred here roughly nine centuries later, in 453 AD. The walls of the catacombs are frescoed with early Christian symbols from this time, the most famous of which are the fresco of Pascentius an...Read more
  7. Il Cimitero Delle Fontanelle

    4.7 (1921 Votes)
    Il Cimitero Delle Fontanelle

    Art And Culture, Cemetery

    This unusual cemetery is a very interesting place to visit in Naples. You cannot really call it a cemetery at all. It is more of a collection of remains from various events in history. It is located inside a cave which makes the whole experience rather eerie but quite fascinating. Although it is a cemetery, it is still a very intriguing place to visit. It is said that the remains you can see h...Read more
  8. Certosa Di San Martino

    4.5 (2750 Votes)
    Certosa Di San Martino

    Art And Culture, Art Museum, Religious Site, Museum

    Certosa di San Martino is a Monastery in Naples that looks like a palace. This Carthusian monastery was built in the 14th century and restored in the 17the century. The restoration was done following the style of Neapolitan baroque. The structure is now transformed to a museum. The great cloister and the beautiful garden offer a are simply beautiful. The quiet atmosphere, with the city below m...Read more
  9. Ospedale Degli Incurabili

    3.9 (1050 Votes)
    Ospedale Degli Incurabili

    Church, Museum, Historical Site, Fountain

    This incredible and historic medical-monastic complex was founded in 1521 by Maria Lorenza Longo; the great pharmacy was added in the mid-17th century by Antonio Maggiocca. There is only one way to delve into its varied history, and that’s by visiting. In the meanwhile, note the following highlights: Museo delle Arti Sanitarie: fascinating collection of historical surgical instruments Or...Read more
  10. Naples Cathedral

    4.7 (553 Votes)
    Naples Cathedral

    Religious Site, Cathedral

    Completed in the early 13th century on the foundations of two palaeo-Christian basilicas (the excavations of which revealed Greek and Roman artefacts that you can check out), this cathedral is more than the sum of its parts, which include: The proud neo-Gothic facade Royal Chapel of the Treasure of San Gennaro (Reale cappella del Tesoro di San Gennaro): frescoes, sculptures, busts, porphyry al...Read more
  11. Castel Dell Ovo

    4.6 (1600 Votes)
    Castel Dell Ovo

    View Point, Castle, Historical Site, Heritage Building

    Set against the ever in motion background of the sea in Naples, this lovely castle is worth more than a regard. The medieval castle which has the name egg castle is perhaps the oldest building of its sort in the Naples. Damaged several times, the castle has in a way lived up to its name as the egg castle. The building is now mostly used for exhibitions and events. Although one cannot go in unl...Read more
  12. Gallerie Di Palazzo Zevallos Stigliano


    The palace was built in 17th century, and now is a museum for Neapolitan and Italian artwork from the 17th to 20th centuries. Architecturally, it is notable for the Baroque facade, the monumental marble staircase, the breathtaking courtyard with the glass ceiling, and the 19th century frescoes. The highlights of the gallery is Caravaggio's 1610 painting, the ‘Martyrdom of St Ursula&rsquo...Read more
  13. Teatro San Carlo

    4.8 (1887 Votes)
    Teatro San Carlo

    Entertainment, Performance, Theatre, Architecture

    The Theatre is one of the most spectacular you will see. Established by King Charles of Burbon, interiors of the palatial theater are in one word: Stunning! Although the original was destroyed the reconstructed version is what we see today. It is equally striking and has seen several famous artist perform here over the years. The interiors are decorated in red and gold and the place is huge. T...Read more
  14. Mt Vesuvius

    4.4 (4547 Votes)
    Mt Vesuvius

    Outdoors, Geological Formation, Archaeological Site , Nature

    Vesuvius is said to be the only active volcano in the main part of Europe and has been the cause of some of the biggest volcanic eruptions. Found on Italy's west coast, it seems to be watching over the city of Naples. The Famous eruption that destroyed (as well as preserved) Pompeii and Herculaneum is what the mountain is often known for. Being here is a very eerie way to be a part of history....Read more
  15. Sant'anna Dei Lombardi

    4.6 (793 Votes)
    Sant'anna Dei Lombardi

    Church, Religious Site

    There is much to see in the 14th century church, though it does not really impress from the outside. It used be one of the largest monastic complexes in the city. It had two major makeovers - Renaissance in the 16th century, Baroque in the 17th. The highlights are include the original gothic touches in the tomb of Domenico Fontana, the innumerable frescoes and paintings in the many chapels, to...Read more