Famous Museums in Naples

The museums in Naples give the very essence of its citizens and rich culture. If you are looking for something deeper and more meaningful, head to the museums in city. Explore the cultural, artistic, scientific, or historical side of Naples with these museums.
We have curated a variety of the best and free museums in city, besides the usual arts or historical ones. Explore and engage yourself with the wonders of science at the museum of science in Naples. Get fascinated by the exceptional stories of heroes at war museums or memorials. You can go wow with your kids at the Natural history museums or enjoy some time at children's museums in Naples.
Check out this list for an entertaining and enlightening trip to the museums in Naples.

Let's explore the finest collection of museums in Naples:

  1. Sansevero Chapel Museum

    4.7 (3373 Votes)
    Sansevero Chapel Museum

    Art And Culture, Art Museum, Church, Religious Site

    The Sansevero Chapel has been turned into a beautiful Museum. Home to some really amazing objects of art, the chapel itself is quite striking looking. There is a lot to see here so do make sure to plan accordingly. Located on Via Franscesco, it is quite a popular touristic site. The sculpture of the Veiled Christ is definitely not to be missed. The sculpture is that of Jesus Christ after his C...Read more
  2. Certosa Di San Martino

    4.5 (2750 Votes)
    Certosa Di San Martino

    Art And Culture, Art Museum, Religious Site, Museum

    Certosa di San Martino is a Monastery in Naples that looks like a palace. This Carthusian monastery was built in the 14th century and restored in the 17the century. The restoration was done following the style of Neapolitan baroque. The structure is now transformed to a museum. The great cloister and the beautiful garden offer a are simply beautiful. The quiet atmosphere, with the city below m...Read more
  3. Ospedale Degli Incurabili

    3.9 (1050 Votes)
    Ospedale Degli Incurabili

    Church, Museum, Historical Site, Fountain

    This incredible and historic medical-monastic complex was founded in 1521 by Maria Lorenza Longo; the great pharmacy was added in the mid-17th century by Antonio Maggiocca. There is only one way to delve into its varied history, and that’s by visiting. In the meanwhile, note the following highlights: Museo delle Arti Sanitarie: fascinating collection of historical surgical instruments Or...Read more
  4. Gallerie Di Palazzo Zevallos Stigliano


    The palace was built in 17th century, and now is a museum for Neapolitan and Italian artwork from the 17th to 20th centuries. Architecturally, it is notable for the Baroque facade, the monumental marble staircase, the breathtaking courtyard with the glass ceiling, and the 19th century frescoes. The highlights of the gallery is Caravaggio's 1610 painting, the ‘Martyrdom of St Ursula&rsquo...Read more
  5. The National Archaeological Museum Of Naples

    Museum, History Museum, Archaeological Site , Exhibition

    The National Archaeological Museum of Naples holds the best collections of antiquities of the Greek and the Roman eras. The collection has an astonishing variety of objects like mosaics, gems, Roman erotica, sculptures, glasses and more. Most of these things are collected from the nearby archeological excavations. This is one of the best sightseeing places in Naples. Numerous Roman artifacts c...Read more
  6. The Capodimonte Museum And Park

    Art And Culture, Museum, Park, Architecture

    The Capodimonte Museum is one of the most significant museums of Naples. It has the distinction having the huge collection of Farnese and Borbone treasures. The museum is found in the Palazzo Reale di Capodimonte, which is located in a peaceful park on a hill overlooking Naples. It is home to an amazing collection of paintings. Charles III inherited the far reaching Farnese Collection in 1735 ...Read more
  7. Museo Nazionale Ferroviario Di Napoli Pietrarsa


    In 2039 Italy’s railway heritage will be two centuries old. This museum is a walkthrough of how far it has come. It’s a huge space, with multiple themed pavilions in an old 1840 Bourbon workshop. You’ll find locomotives (steam and electric and diesel), furnaces, carriages, and train models. The museum is an unqualified hit with adults and kids alike. This is the world’s...Read more
  8. Santa Chiara Church

    4.6 (442 Votes)
    Santa Chiara Church

    Art And Culture, Church, Religious Site, Museum

    Santa Chiara is one of the most important churches of Naples. It has tremendous religious and historical significance. Established in the year 1310 with the assistance of Robert the Wise, it is an important part of the Franciscan complex and has the splendid cloisters Having citadel like looks, the church is known to be a rare building in Naples. Each part of the church conveys a Gothic histor...Read more
  9. Madre

    4.6 (26 Votes)

    Museum, Exhibition

    The contemporary art museum housed in this 19th century building isn’t a heavyweight by any means, but it’s a very respectable and efficient outfit. As with any good contemporary art, it’s hard to describe the permanent collection, other than to say it is sufficiently eclectic and engrossing. At least the thematic focus is clear - the city of Naples itself. Keep yourself upda...Read more
  10. Villa Pignatelli

    4.5 (33 Votes)
    Villa Pignatelli


    The bright white of this neo-classical house museum palace stands out starkly against the vivid green of the park it resides in. It’s main job seems to be to look pretty, and it does that very well. There are two themes to admire in the neo-Baroque / neo-Renaissance interior the house - the sumptuous decorative arts (furniture, silver, statues and porcelain), and the collection of 18th a...Read more
  11. Museo Civico Gaetano Filangeri


    Gaetano Filangieri was an avid collector of the historical and he donated 2500 artefacts - porcelain, manuscripts, sculpture, furniture, Neapolitan paintings, arms and armour - to this museum. It’s housed inside a 15th century Como palace. There’s a nice library too.
  12. Museo Delle Torture

    4.1 (7 Votes)
    Museo Delle Torture


    The museum certainly has noble intentions. They want to discuss one of Christianity’s darkest periods - the Inquisition - and they want to exhibit gruesome tools of torture, but they don’t want to exploit morbidity. As such, the atmosphere at the museum is engaging but not stomach turning. There are a total of 60 devices from the 16th to the 18th centuries - the stretch scale, the p...Read more
  13. Villa Floridiana

    4.2 (7 Votes)
    Villa Floridiana

    Museum, Park

    The villa was originally an 18th century casino and coffee house before it was given a neoclassical makeover in the 19th century. The park outside is a lovely place to stroll, a collection of terraced grass and flower beds on land that slopes towards the sea, with an open air theatre and an Ionic temple. Inside though, the museum founded in 1931 is now one of the world’s largest collectio...Read more
  14. Coral Jewellery Museum

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    Coral Jewellery Museum

    Specialty Museum

    The Ascione firm has been making coral jewellery for a long time. This museum on the second floor of the south facade of the Galleria Umberto has to main exhibits. The first focuses on the jewellery making techniques right from the fishing to the historical tools used in processing. The second is the jewellery exhibit, a room filled with more than 300 kinds of coral related decoratives and orna...Read more
  15. Thetys-museo Del Mare Di Napoli


    Most cities close to the sea ike to show off their close connection to the water. Naples however has only one such museum, and it is enough. Bolstered by generous donations from many different sources, the church has slowly grown in scope and appeal. This includes models of ships, machines illustrative of modern engines, ancient and modern navigation equipment.