How to Reach Napier

Like most cities Napier is fully equipped to take care of all your travel needs. Daily busses travel from nearby cities, make for easy access to the Napier. Innercity also runs daily services throughout the city and the surrounding areas. If you are flying in to Napier then you can fly Air New Zealand with flights from all over the country. The nearest Airport is Hawks Bay Airport, just a short distance from the centre of town.

Route Distance Time
Napier city to Napier 3.66 km 3 mins
Hastings to Napier 18.18 km 18 mins
Havelock north to Napier 20.09 km 20 mins
Taupo to Napier 129.49 km 2 hours 9 mins
Tauranga to Napier 217.15 km 3 hours 37 mins
Lower hutt to Napier 292.9 km 4 hours 52 mins
Wellington to Napier 309.61 km 5 hours 9 mins
Auckland to Napier 377.67 km 6 hours 17 mins
Forestville to Napier 2919.8 km 48 hours 39 mins
Epping to Napier 2933.86 km 48 hours 53 mins